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    *Posted here due to no Reboot section.

    Pioneer was created on the first day that Chaos was released, June 29th at 12:29 AM PST. Throughout the summer, the guild gradually grew and we all became very close. Pioneer was closed and retired for all intents and purpose after most members returned to school or what have you. This did not mean that we would lose our connection. Despite not playing together in MapleStory; we remained the best of friends. Our plan for Pioneer is to create that very family-oriented guild once more here in Reboot with returning Pioneer members and new members.

    Pioneer has played in Chaos, Renegades and Bellocan with enormous success. Each step along the journey we became a stronger group of friends. We lost and gained many along the way; however, if Reboot is any proof, Once a Pioneer, always a Pioneer. Throughout the last week, many members have been reunited who were long thought to be drawn into the shadows.

    Pioneer hopes to make its mark on Reboot and play in the server for the long term. This goal requires individuals who want to play the game and have fun. We boss, pq, train, craft, farm, blah blah blah. The guild is composed of radically different individuals, but that is the very reason we have become such a great group, a family.
    We are all glad to welcome players who want to be apart of a group that raises everyone up. We want to welcome individuals and gain bonds that will be everlasting.

    Family Picture 1[1]
    Family Picture 2 [2]
    Family Picture 3 [3]
    Family Picture 4[4]

    How to Join?
    Contact: Message any one of us in-game:

    You can also simply apply to the guild in-game.

    If you have any questions, comments or concerns message us, reply to this post.

    We want encourage everyone to take initiative and join into our family. We all are quite close and so that can in a way alienate others; however, we are all here for the same reason, to have fun. Join our calls, speak up! We want to make this experience amazing for as many as we possibly can.

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    You suck Meg. =)
    Good luck with recruiting!

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    love you too



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