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    I have been lurking Southperry and "playing" the game for a long time.

    Not sure how to put this right, but my only character is a weak level 23x bishop. Basically since the patch, i feel that because I can't spam heal ( with heal skill of angel ray ) bishop are broken.

    I wrote a while back to the MLC bishop dude about bishop issues but the papayagot ignored me. I saw that Zelkova is working really hard to make the game better ( thank you very much for everything you are doing, you are truly amazing and you deserve better too ) so I'm making this post hoping this discussion can lead to something better this time even if in the end Nexon plum will probably won't do anything anyway.

    What are your opinions on bishop?


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    did you really have to use that word

    i mean really, calling someone a papayagot just because they didn't get back to you
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    Did you read the skill? It has a 4 second cooldown, but is reduced by 2 seconds for each party member that you heal. It's intended to not be spammable unless people need healing now a days.

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    I've been a Cleric/Priest/Bishop since I started 8 years ago and I think it's totally fine. Really.

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    Bishops had only one purpose and nexon took it from them ages ago, to sell me leech



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