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Thread: [Notice] Reboot Cash Shop Error

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    Well, atleast the people who participated in the exploit will be banned, and if they're lucky they'll be unbanned assuming they are found to not be actively participating.

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    So they're going to spend a whole week investigating the banned accounts?

    I can't believe they have 5 more years of experience doing this pomegranate and still perform like entry level at everything they do. Did they fire the staff and hire new people again? How the pineapple does it take longer than 2 days to do a character search and ban? Unless they went full retard and got one guy to do it, then it might take 4 days if he spend the whole 8 hours 4 times in a row.

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    Expecting things to change when they havent for 5 years is actually more crazy

    Edit: Let me rephrase, you are merely being a bigot blinded by your own privilege while you insult Nexon's bold but at the very least reliable traditions! You need to respect their cultural values they have made over here in the USA, pls understand

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    Interesting. This is the kind of response I expected to see (provided their investigations actually do something constructive).

    Would you rather they just do nothing like they usually do? Any improvement is better than no improvement.

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    Just replace everyones equips that they used the cubes on with clean potentialess items.

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    even if it was that easy, they likely only track purchases, not what the items are spent on.



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