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    Default Artasi is Leaving
    Sabina will takeover in the interim.

  2. Default Re: Artasi is Leaving

    I have mixed feelings over this. On one hand, he did do some good and has made improvements to the game in the time he's been with us... but on the other, I really disagreed with the way he treated people as individuals.

    He very heavily advocates censorship of anything that doesn't sit well with him AND is impossible to come to terms of agreement with - it's his way or too pineappleing bad. Hopefully his replacement is much more pleasant in general, like Girasol was.

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  4. Polar Bear Gay Male
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    Default Re: Artasi is Leaving

    I miss girasol

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    Default Re: Artasi is Leaving

    Ding dong

    In all seriousness, the man had a very abrasive personality and was rather heavy handed in his tactics. But some of the effort made during his tenure has started to bear fruit. I'll tip my hat farewell

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    Default Re: Artasi is Leaving

    In all fairness, he had to deal with the community of Maple ._. I can't say I blame him too much for that one.

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    poor sabina

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    I aint really know him much outside the whole southperry fansite revoked thingy so meh

  9. Water
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    Default Re: Artasi is Leaving

    “Better the devil you know than the devil you don't.”

    ― Jack Heath, The Lab

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    Default Re: Artasi is Leaving

    well, that's another one to the pile, gotta hand it to hime, she held on the longest to the CM job.

  11. Default Re: Artasi is Leaving

    Or even better, like Hime....

  12. Default Re: Artasi is Leaving

    I actually kinda liked him, outside of all the Southperry drama.

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    Someone spammed him with weiners on the reddit discord chat

    if you can't take the meat, guess you can't handle the seat.

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    Default Re: Artasi is Leaving



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