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  1. Default MLC Resolutions List

    I got approval to build out a list of resolutions that we have put forth. I will be updating this list over time as resolutions are passed/failed/created/etc.

    I really can't go into much detail about the resolutions. I just thought it would be good to get as much information to the public as possible.

    Right now I am working on getting the current fully passed/failed resolutions made public so you can see what exactly we were wanting done. I'll update you when I have these put in place.

  2. Default Re: MLC Resolutions List

    Not to be that guy, but I think a certain RES13 should be looked at again. Just sayin. (Thanks for making this a thing, by the way)

  3. Default Re: MLC Resolutions List

    You're that guy.

    This was actually discussed again last night. But as you can see on the tracker, #13 was actually refused by both the MLC as a whole and Nexon as well. I don't know how much more I can say, but was discussed again last night.

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    Default Re: MLC Resolutions List

    Within the same topic, could revisiting a failed resolution be out of the question?

    I have no idea of the way you guys work, just wondering if everything is still on the table even if it was once denied.

  5. Default Re: MLC Resolutions List

    If something has been declined by Nexon or just fails voting by the MLC it can be picked back up again and resubmitted.

    This is how the whole process works.

    1 - User submits suggestion or issue to the MLC -OR- MLC member see an issue in game.
    2 - MLC member writes up Resolution
    3 - MLC votes on Resolution
    4 - If a majority of the MLC agree with the Resolution then it gets passed on to Nexon
    5 - If Nexon agrees with the Resolution, they will put it into the game. Nexon has been known to pick through a Resolution and only take what they like though.

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    Default Re: MLC Resolutions List

    I just wanted to say thanks for making this available. I'm sure the NDA secrecy must be really frustrating, especially when you get hammered by both sides. I'd love to see the text of some of these resolutions (which I'm sure you're not allowed to do yet), but even this small information makes everything seem a lot more transparent and reminds us you're trying.

  7. Default Re: MLC Resolutions List

    You're welcome! The MLC as a whole does get hammered from both sides about nearly everything. People say we aren't doing anything etc etc and it gets frustrating. Last night I got everyone to work together on renaming these resolutions so we could get them made public. I'll be sure to let everyone know that the players enjoy having more information about what we are doing. ^^

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    Default Re: MLC Resolutions List

    I really don't agree with keeping pretty much every Resolution under NDA.

    The UN Gen. Assembly releases it's resolutions for public viewing after a certain period of time and it doesn't matter whether or not it has passed or not. (70th Session 15-16)

    And the UN Security Council has the resolutions available almost immediately.

    I can understand that some details may be extremely sensitive and may hurt Nexon (RES/11 seems to be important), I wouldn't be upset if you guys blanked out any confidential details with a black marker. But I really don't agree with keeping everything under wraps.

  9. Default Re: MLC Resolutions List

    Kritias is fine the way it is. Please don't make them modify the maps. The only thing that should happen is a smarter contribution bar, one that detects that there aren't many players and adjusts the bar accordingly and maybe hekaton.

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    Default Re: MLC Resolutions List

    I'm happy to see that you guys have at least discussed the crusader codex. That thing needs to be updated so badly.

  11. Default Re: MLC Resolutions List

    JapanMS has new UI and updates it consistently. I have no idea why GMS hasn't received any update to it yet.

  12. Default Re: MLC Resolutions List

    Do they actually update normal cards though, or just familiars?

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    Default Re: MLC Resolutions List

    No clue but TMS just recently got what it appears to be the updated Monster Book/Crusader Codex.

    Once it reaches TMS, there's a good chance we may get it here within the next couple of months. (see: Alishan)

  14. Default Re: MLC Resolutions List

    Resolution NumberTitle MLC StatusNexon Status
    RES 6 User Friendly AdditionsPassed Declined
    Well, this actually shows a lot, lol. But I'm really thankful to MLC for bringing up all these concerns.
    Last edited by Ironical; 2015-12-04 at 09:43 AM.

  15. Default Re: MLC Resolutions List

    Kieth explained it on Reddit (can't find the thread now...?) - basically councilors asked for a bunch of systems that would require major overhauls of coding and how the game worked on a deep level. Things that would require way more resources than Nexon would ever dare to allocate for minor QOL improvements.

    In other words, they have no idea how programming or businesses work. This is just one example of many.

  16. Default Re: MLC Resolutions List

    That probably explains why the "Security Revision" one was declined by Nexon as well.

  17. Default Re: MLC Resolutions List

    They do add new cards with new monsters coming out. Both, I believe.
    As far as I know, the Crusader Codex version in TaiwanMS is different. I was told that the latter can sell cards in Cash Shop to obtain it the easy way.

  18. Default Re: MLC Resolutions List

    There are a couple of issues internally where extravagant changes are suggested/requested from MLC members. Things that would require tens to hundreds of hours of developing to rework into what they're suggesting. Some members can't see the difference between:

    - Changing the color of an item


    - Lets give Battle Mages a new weapon and redo their skill tree!

    (Purely an example. Not exactly a situation we were put in)

  19. Default Re: MLC Resolutions List

    Not sure if you saw my original post Keith, but:
    "GMS Exclusive Content Revision"
    Did that have to do with my pitched idea?



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