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  1. Default With Reboot finally coming I figured I'd make a (small) giveaway.

    Edit: WELP. No takers at all.

    Small on account of it's not like I had many tradable valuables to begin with. :v

    Rules for entry
    1. Southperry account must have at least 5 posts from before today.
    2. Entrants must be willing to contact me via Steam to collect their winnings, because it's not like I'm going to idle on MS and wait for you to log in.
    3. For obvious reasons, you'll need to have a character on one of the "GRAZED" alliance servers.
    4. Just post here to enter.

    How I'll decide winner
    1. I'll close entries on November 30th (whenever I happen to get around to it, so enter by November 29th to be safe)
    2. I'll randomize the list of all the entrants
    3. Whoever ended up on top wins the crap
    4. Yeah, everything to the one guy, because I'm a lazy bastard and it's not like this is worth enough to even bother entering a drawing for otherwise

    If the winner didn't post their steam account here, I'll be sending them a PM asking for it.
    I will be the one making the steam friend request to avoid some derp impersonating your profile and adding me first.

    And now what you've probably been waiting for, the actual pile of semi-useful crap you're wasting your time on:

    Plus I think like 14m mesos? I forget how the ingame trade taxes work so you might get a bit lower than 14m.
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