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  1. Default Reboot world discussion and tips

    Reboot Prep. Trying to figure out what quest lines are best for self sufficiency.

    Alcaster's for the all cures is the only one I can think of off the top of my head.

    Been a long ass time since I've actually had to bother with an absolute fresh start

    There any quest lines you can think of off the top of your head that are super useful to complete?
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  2. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: Reboot Prep. Trying to figure out what quest lines are best for self sufficiency.

    I can't think of any actual quest lines, but some other tips:

    Don't forget to do MPE for the epic purple general gear.
    Especially in conjunction with the Transfer Hammer, these are extremely useful.
    Since this gear is level 60, we will need to transfer it in stages, to level 70, 80, 90, and so on.
    If monsters in Reboot don't drop anything once you're high above them, like in the regular servers, that means preparing junk level 70, 80, 90, and 100 hat, overall, gloves, and shoes, ahead of time.
    (Since you can't put equips in storage or on mules, this in turn probably means equip inventory expansions are a high priority).

    Familiars: Jr. Boogie and Big Spider.

    Daily Mr. Lee Airlines for traits and that 30-minute Onyx Apple. (Stock up on those for future bossing).

    Unlock Gollux and Commerci ASAP.
    Get the Ghost Ship Exorcist when you can.
    Boss prequests in general: Lion King Castle, Root Abyss, Temple of Time, Pantheon, etc.

    Raise imps for mineral and herb storage bags (at least, I think they still give them?)

  3. Default Reboot Discussion

    I thought we might have a discussion thread for the upcoming Reboot world. But really I also just wanted to share some info.

    So, while I was digging around the new patch for Heroes of Maple stuff, I ran into some Reboot stuff.

    There's a list of recipes that are blocked, and something that makes storage block something, I think it might be making storage block all equips.

    There are also the following variables set to true:
    cashCouponBlock - Self explanatory, but I don't really know if it is what I think it is or not.
    tradeBlock - Can't trade, obviously.
    TUCBlock - Blocks items from having slots.
    visitFarmBlock - Can't go to Maple Life.
    learnMakingAll - You can have all professions.

    They also have specific NPC resale values for certain items (like Spell Traces NPCing for 500 mesos or was it 5k?), including some equips, so as far as GMS exclusive items, I think we might be out of luck here.

    For some non-datamined info:

    Monsters have 10x more HP and give 3x more EXP.
    You get a skill called Reboot which gives you 5x meso drops and, well I don't know if I'm reading this correctly or not, but for every 2 levels, you gain 1% damage while attacking bosses (this doesn't show up as boss damage in the stat window, which is why I think maybe this is wrong)

    Also, it seems, from the micro-site, that our CS cubes will be half priced, but that might just be an event. KMS had a half off event for items in the CS that can be bought with mesos.

    There's exactly one item in the KMS Reboot Mileage Shop (Reward Points Shop), which is 7 Red Cubes. Here's to hoping the GMS one will be more expansive than that. (Like, a pet or something)

  4. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: SaptaZapta
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 232
    Job: Hero
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    Alliance: Dominion

    Default Re: Reboot Discussion

    Thanks for the info.

    Question: did KMS have any events that give account-wide benefits/rewards for playing in Reboot?

  5. Default Re: Reboot Discussion

    I was curious how events would be. Would we get some of the same events as regular servers?

  6. Default Re: Reboot Discussion

    Generally, so far they've been the same events, the only difference is if you were to get something like Chaos Scrolls or Clean Slates, for an attendance event you'd get things like Elixirs or Mesos Bags instead since you wouldn't be able to use them, or if they were in an event shop, they just wouldn't be there.

  7. Default Re: Reboot Discussion

    Alright thanks! That's nifty. Do you know if we'll get 2x coupons from events and stuff like that?

  8. Default Re: Reboot Discussion

    Yeah, also if you don't log in for a while, you get a certain number of 15 minute 2x coupons. I'm not sure how the duration of your absence and the number of coupons you receive is related, though. I think it might be like, one per day and it caps at 6 or something.

  9. Default Re: Reboot Discussion

    I actually read about that, but didn't read what gifts it gives. 2+ days to receive them I think.

  10. Default Re: Reboot Discussion

    I think it might just be one day? I stopped playing for a day and got a coupon the next day. I also stopped playing for a week and got six or so, and then a few more weeks, which also resulted in 6 or so. It could just be me having bad memory though. Also they don't last all that long, expiring in either a day or three days.

  11. Default Re: Reboot Discussion

    Possibly. I read it on orangemushroom that if you didn't log in 2+ days, you got a "Rest experience coupon" proportionate to the amount of days you were gone. Just what I read though, it could've been changed possibly. Either way, it sounds good to me.

    edit: Will bosses have 10x hp too, or just normal monsters? I feel like it's necessary for normal monsters, but bosses were already balanced around the pay2win aspect for the most part, that I feel like it's unnecessary to buff their HP.

  12. Default Re: Reboot Discussion

    I'm actually not sure on that since I never did any bosses other than Easy Zak. I even vaguely remember something about bosses having their HP decreased.

  13. Default Re: Reboot Discussion

    Is crimsonwood keep PQ still in the game? I feel like the items it drops could be really decent for early game progression considering it isn't too hard to do. Marks of Naricain are great placeholder pendants, plus the equipment from the bonus stage and the potions it gives out.

  14. Default Re: Reboot Discussion

    Yeah, it's still in the game.

    Reboot Specific NPC Values

    We don't have translations for ESP Limiters, so those aren't listed, but the ones in the same sets that are listed above have the same NPC sell value. These are recent as of the Heroes of Maple KMST patch, so we might not have these values right away.

    You also can't craft the following items:
    Master Craftsman's Cube
    Meister's Cube
    Powerful Rebirth Flame
    Eternal Flame of Rebirth
    Intermediate Extractor
    Advanced Extractor
    Basic Extractor
    Cube Extractor
    Scroll Extractor

    And, as an alchemist, you can't extract scrolls, cubes, and flames, not that we have flames anyway.

  15. Default Re: Reboot Discussion

    What is the benefit of crafting in reboot? What can you craft that you can't get elsewhere? (I've never really done much crafting)

  16. Default Re: Reboot Discussion

    I dunno, there's quite a few items that you can only get by crafting, like the Meister set. and other items with Meister in their name. They never really became all that viable thanks to us having better stuff (for example, Gollux) in GMS. I don't know, maybe things being more difficult to access will make these kind of things more viable. On the other hand, it takes a crazy amount of resources and effort to make some of these things, and one of the big problems in Reboot is that the lack of trading makes crafting more difficult.

  17. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: SaptaZapta
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 232
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    Default Re: Reboot Discussion

    As an alchemist, you can craft a variety of buff potions (provided you can get the recipe and materials). You can also fuse equipment in an attempt to get useful potential on it. Not sure that's cost-effective.
    As a smith you can craft androids and their hearts, which are not otherwise obtainable. Not sure how useful that is, considering that the hearts are all temporary and even if they were permanent you can't scroll them, they can only have 5 stars, and their potential is tier 1. You can also craft other gear but I think the items that drop, even from normal monsters, are generally better.
    As a jewelsmith (accessory crafter) you can, well, make accessories. Depending on how hard the ordinary bosses (Zakum, HT, Pink Bean, Easy Magnus) are to defeat, this may or may not be of any use.

  18. Default Re: Reboot Discussion

    Elite bosses getting their drops buffed at all?

  19. Default Re: Reboot Discussion

    Not really, though they did increase the rate of epic pots and gold pot stamps later on.

    I really hope all the tweaks they made to Reboot in KMS will be there right out of the gate for us.



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