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  1. Default Digimon Adventure tri.

    So, anyone see Part 1? What'd you guys think?


    And I leave you with:


    Part 2 will be released in March, which is such a long wait :(

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    Default Re: Digimon Adventure tri.

    only watched the first two ovas/episodes, doesn't seem interesting at all to me sadly.

  3. Default Re: Digimon Adventure tri.

    This part was admittedly pretty slow, and I hope the next one will be better and maybe answer some questions.

    This is apparently the poster for the next part, Ketsui/Determination


  4. Default Re: Digimon Adventure tri.

    I sorta didn't like the new evolutions, the egg thing made it a bit generic and I really miss the names being in the background lol.


  5. Default Re: Digimon Adventure tri.

    Its not without its flaws and the pacing seems a tad slow but these things can be forgiven since it stars the OG Digi-destined. I have mixed feelings on the new digivolution scenes, they take some getting used to but I can dig the music choice.



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