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  1. Default Messaging the MLC

    Hiya SP!

    The MLC have opened a site to give users an easier and more guaranteed line of contact to the MLC (The previous alternative would be to make a thread/comment on a fansite or to PM someone on Discord/Skype)

    I have modified the site to allow users to see the current queue, that way you can see what we're working on. Ticket contents will remain private, but titles and users submitting tickets will be available publicly.
    Currently only MLC members + Artasi will be manning the MLC support site. Our default SLA is 7 days, this gives us enough time to respond to your ticket, talk within the MLC, and get back to you with our response.

    Thank you all for your support!
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    Default Re: Messaging the MLC

    And the link to that site is....?

  3. Default Re: Messaging the MLC

    Fixed that. Sorry.

  4. Default Re: Messaging the MLC

    Is this from the 90's? Holy sh`it
    @Locked; @Eos; you guys can do it better right? lolol

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    Aren't you being a little harsh? as long as it functions without problems does it really matter? This is done by volunteers, it isn't something anyone is putting any money into (which is pathetic for its own reasons).

    That said, I'll reserve judgment until anything is actually done (which given the current track record is... not likely).

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    Reality is harsh

  7. Default Re: Messaging the MLC

    Just because you can't see behind the curtain doesn't mean things aren't being done.

  8. Default Re: Messaging the MLC

    If its still behind a curtain, i.e. in unnoticeable to your average player. Then it really shouldn't count as being 'done'.

  9. Default Re: Messaging the MLC

    Seems like you guys are doing exactly what the players are asking for. Great priorities.

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    Sent a ticket regarding my idea to revamp the Haunted House.

  11. Default Re: Messaging the MLC

    I'm not using the word "done" as in we are completing things, they're being implemented, we just can't tell you. I'm using it more as in actions are being taken.

    Anything that has made it into MLC talks, into resolutions, been voted on, and has been submitted to and agreed to by Nexon MAY see the light of day. The very very few things that you all see as proof that the MLC has "done something" are only the things that have jumped through all of those hoops and have succeeded. Everything else may still be stuck on a step or just flat out denied. Sorry but thats the long and short of it.

    The MLC believed that adding more useful items to the wheel was better than keeping outdated or more or less useless items in the wheel. It's not that we somehow are fueled by some sort of money making agenda. We are still players, we know what is good and bad in the game. I personally would rather possibly receive a useful item like a perma tele rock than something less useful like a monster life coupon.

  12. Default Re: Messaging the MLC

    can we maybe appreciate the fact that nexon's intentionally sabotaging the MLC's image in the public's eye with nonsense like this

  13. Default Re: Messaging the MLC

    So you think it's perfectly okay to put extremely rare and almost one of a kind items such as the dorothy staff into a paywall service like this? It's meant to be gotten through in game means and is rare for a reason. And let's not even mention the fact that Ryude swords STILL haven't been fixed from the damn box's drop tables and yet it's quite likely it'll be obtainable from that damn money grubbing piece of garbage.

    The players want results. They have seen next to none. You say you'd rather have useful items in this machine, but why does the machine even exist in the first place? It's further putting forth that pay2win notion that this game is infamous for. It's sad that the economy is so broken from Nexon's own horrible decisions (split drops) that they have to put pomegranate like perma teleport rocks and Tower of Oz weapons in as incentives to swipe those credit cards.

    The very fact that one of the few "visible" things you guys have had a hand in is nothing but a cash grab is plenty telling in and of itself. Say whatever you want to try and dispute it, but actions speak far louder than words, and you're not exactly on a good note with anyone at this point.

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    Why bother promoting a gacha machine in the first place?

  15. Default Re: Messaging the MLC

    ou're not exactly on a good note with anyone at this point.
    I explained my personal beliefs about certain Tower of Oz items being put into the wheel here (Last paragraphish area).

    The machine has nothing to do with the MLC. It would be great if it didn't exist but lets be honest, Nexon needs to make money in order to justify having a NXAM version of MS. No cash flow, no game. I'm not for or against the damn thing, but I personally don't use it (anymore).

    Lets leave the Ryude sword glitch out of it. If the sword is glitched its a different matter. The item is still rare and I'll personally make sure that something is being done about the sword (in or outside of the MLC).

    I agree that players want results. These are the only MLC changes that are public as of right now.

    - Made changes to KMS's pq daily run limits.
    - Encouraged Nexon to hold a cash shop transfer event (coming soon)
    - Modified the wheel drop table. Encouraged the removal of lesser rewards and submitted a list of possible replacements.

    Everything else that we are working on is (like I said) somewhere in the program for submittance to Nexon. Our hands are pineappleing legally tied. I can say so much, and even then at times I nearly say too much so please be understanding. The MLC is something that has never existed, has put forth plenty of good ideas and has taken the communities thoughts and concerns directly to Nexon so that they can be heard. Something like this has never existed in any form in the last 10 years at Nexon America so please appreciate what we can do.

    Actions do speak louder than words but any actions I can take have already been made. Anything you may hear regarding MLC submitted ideas and changes will be announced by Nexon first, not the MLC.

    As for your "you're not exactly on a good note with anyone at this point.", I have been breaking my pineappleing balls to do my best for this damn GMS community. If thats not enough for you, I encourage you to apply yourself next session.

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    Maybe I worded it a little badly - I do know there's only so much you guys can do, but Artasi honestly threw you guys under the bus with this - I just dont feel enough is being done from Artasi's point of communication and beyond that. My last sentence was a bit harsh. Thing is though, there absolutely needs to be more transparency, which is what I'm assuming you are doing with the ticket thing.

    As for applying... I would, if I wasn't IP banned with no explanation whatsoever from Nexon's side. (My characters and account are gone as well, and I don't even play.)

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    A question was posted to the MLC as to what items would be good to put into the marvel machine. We suggested the 90 day teleport rock. Nexon decided to add the tele rock but also to upgrade it to the perm version as a measure of good will.

    As for tower of oz, the MLC wasn't asked about this directly. We didn't jump and clamor to add it. It was something that came partially from a MLC member but we didn't actually suggest it ourselves afaik.

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    Default Re: Messaging the MLC

    i miss the days where maplestory had a disclaimer saying that cash would never give you an advantage over other players.
    not because it was a better game, but because it was a fair one, and one where you were REWARDED to play, not pay.

    there's so much wrong with the marvel machine that has been covered every time it comes, that any more words would feel like droplets on the sea.

    also IP banned from most of nexon's webpages, mainly maplestory.

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    Did no one feel promoting the gacha machine was not a priority idea? I'm assuming the question was posed by nexon staff, these are the type of questions that should be challenged, it's what creates these conflicts



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