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  1. Default So.. Anyone else tried Pocket Maplestory?

    It's surprisingly functional. I was expecting a game more like the facebook game, but this is pretty close to an actual Maplestory experience.

  2. Default Re: So.. Anyone else tried Pocket Maplestory?

    The controls are a bit clunky (it resets your directional input to neutral if you attack or use a skill), the cash grab pushing is absolutely ridiculous, the costs are insane, and there are numerous reports (an absolute pomegranate ton) of people being banned as a direct result of purchasing said overpriced cash currency. It's a mess, if nothing else. Not to mention the class choice is extremely limited. Pretty mediocre/bad overall for a title from such a large company.

    I'm a critic, sue me.

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    Default Re: So.. Anyone else tried Pocket Maplestory?

    You've been served.

    In all seriousness, I mildly enjoyed the game briefly. I found the functionality to be fine, but the class limitations ultimately killed it for me. As always, I ignored anything cash related from Nexon.



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