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  1. Default Madhouse event, your toughts

    Actually I played the event and is an interesting/creepy event, one of the best from GMS and by far one of the best GMS contents for a while (except Masteria, nothing defeats that), and I am thinking... GMS is gonna deleting their best content ever released... and why not merging the place with Masteria to make it permanent??

    Yeah... it could put like this:
    "Icebyrd Slimm calls the player and ask him a big favor. Few days ago some people came with rumors that there is an abandoned hospital in the insides of the Jungle and then people started to explore the place.... only that most of them dissapeared without any trace and the few ones who managed to return are trully terrified due the horrors inside it. And it's time to know what is happening."

    And yeah with some changes (like the removal/change of the store), adding a strong boss and make it from 150 +

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    I cant find the last 3 pages of Chloe's diary, so I can't finish the story yet, but yes I consider it a pretty cool event. Makes it all the more stupid that Nexon would release Darklords of darkness alongside madhouse ruining a piece of content that obviously took them some work with another thats literally nothing but 5 quests.

    They need to make diary pages buyable for madhouse coins though. Make them 200 or 400 coins a page, i don't care, but I'm sick of wandering inside for 1 hour only not to find the freaking pages I'm missing.

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    Default Re: Madhouse event, your toughts

    Are you activating the test tubes?

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    Default Re: Madhouse event, your toughts

    maybe they could change it into a pq, which later let you unlock a boss expedition, I don't know... but I don't feel this place would stay alive with the same "gameplay"

  5. Default Re: Madhouse event, your toughts

    Yes I am.


    Well this epilogie madhouse thing proves, at least to me, that it is a pretty cool event compared to 90% of the other BORING events we repeatedly get throughout the years. But guess what, seems October and November are totem time for nexon, theres already another 2 or 3 events giving out totems in the next month...

    Hoping for an improved Madhouse next year and similar events in the meantime.
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  6. Default Re: Madhouse event, your toughts

    It can be used to revive Masteria, to put an example.

  7. Default Re: Madhouse event, your toughts

    Honestly, I don't think Masteria needs to be shoehorned into this, and this is coming from a guy who thinks that Blackgate City could be incorporated into Masteria.
    I think it's fine content wise. As for the event, I hate how reliant on RNG it is, especially with those stupid test tubes.



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