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    Default Who are you voting for?

    Canada's voting is taking place today, so if you're Canadian who are you voting for?

    If you're from the States, which candidate are you backing?

    Why/why do you not support these parties and candidates.

    As for me, if I could vote Canadian I feel I share the most views with the green party but in order to get Harper out, I'd probably vote NDP.

  2. Default Re: Who are you voting for?

    I don't follow politics, especially not Canadian ones since I'm from the US. I'd feel bad for voting without really studying up, but I thought I'd feel worse if I didn't exercise my right to vote, so after skimming through some of the party platforms, I found NDP the closest to what I'd want. Plus, I'm in Mulcair's riding and he seems like a good candidate, so I figured I might as well back him.

  3. Default Re: Who are you voting for?

    Voted today, went with NDP. Was on the fence between Liberal and NDP, but mostly just want Harper out of office for the obvious reasons.

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    Default Re: Who are you voting for?

    Being allowed to vote for my home riding from campus, I personally voted Liberal. I also just wanted Harper out, and voted strategically. Unfortunately, Calgary's traditionally Conservative land, and my riding happens to be one of the most Conservative.

  5. Default Re: Who are you voting for?

    There are a lot of great choices this time around. I can pick Trump if I want to see the rest of the world face armageddon which might at least make things a bit more interesting. I can pick Sanders if I want a crazy looking old man running everything, and he might try and pineapple with big business eventually too which might be cool. I can pick Hillary if I want an pimento president, or at least a bigger pimento than Trump (subject to negotiation, I'm sure). I have my pick of insane war heroes, idealists with no chance whatsoever, Bush 3.0, self proclaimed socialists, pathological liars (to an even greater extent than the average candidate historically has been), triggerhappy lunatics, and other brands of annoying selfrighteous plantain, this is going to be a great election, I'm already totally not tired of 40 political slam ads per hour, and welcome the next 13 months of this pomegranate.

    But you asked who I was voting for, and that's a different story, I'm probably just going to write in Ron Paul like I always do, who gives a pineapple if he isn't running, my vote will be wasted regardless. And no, his son doesn't appeal to me very much other than on a few issues.

  6. Default Re: Who are you voting for?

    Voted Liberal, but conservatives won in my district :( Oh well, happy they won with such a large dumber of deputies.

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    Default Re: Who are you voting for?

    I know I'm posting after the election has finished.

    Just thankful that we no longer have to deal with a whiny little despotic coward as Prime Minister.

    Just hope Justin Trudeau has just as much in terms of balls as his old man. Hell, Justin probably has enough memories playing around the residence as a little kid.

    Went NDP, but Torys won in my riding as well. Most likely due to a few areas of the riding where they seem to clutch their bitumen pipe dreams as much as their pearls. (Hard to say if the pearls were real or not.)



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