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  1. Default About Nebulite skills

    Are there cd for those skills?
    Also, for skill level +1, can they exceed the master level? (the one I got from leafre codex set effect cant exceed the master level!! :( )
    Can I equip skill level +1 not on my hat? I got 2% int on my hat already.


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    Default Re: About Nebulite skills

    No cooldowns.

    Skill level +1 is the same as the potential line, so it can't exceed master level.
    Decent Combat Orders could, but it's an [S] rank so it's not obtainable as a nebulite (you can get it as a potential line on Shoes).

    Skill level +1 nebulite can only be used on Hats.

  3. Default Re: About Nebulite skills

    No cooldown on nebulite decent skills. I've never seen a +1 skill level neb, but I'm sure it wouldn't work past max level, as far as I know, only combat orders does that.
    But hey, I haven't played seriously for a long time, maybe they changed stuff like that?



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