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  1. Basic1 item images

    Since unfortunately perioncorner is no more does anyone have a rar file of the item pictures along with effects and sound files?

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    >Acts like this is a small thing to ask for

    The easiest solution would be for you to rip them yourself.... now where is @Kortestanov; ?

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    Only problem: I don't play MS anymore and I need the extra space I have available for other things.

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    Are you looking for a specific item or sound? To be sure, just an image or with stats on it?

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    I'm looking for the UI pictures along with item icons and sound files

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    That isn't specific. What kind of UI (e.g. Cash Shop, Guild etc) and what kind of sound files (e.g. Map BGMs, mob voices and sound effects, game effects etc).
    I can't help you right now with compressing everything in one file since that requires time and my upload speed isn't the best, but I can get you specific files that aren't so big.

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    I'm being unspecific for a reason. ALL UI pictures like the incomplete to complete bar or meter pics and all audio files as for icons just the items such as cash, consume, ect and the rest



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