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    HEy ... anyone playing in kms? If yes tell me what was your choice in ★★ heres the link:

    By Max #HighOnMushrooms
    Im nearly 80 stamps and still have not decided ...

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    I do, but I doubt many users here play KMS and participated in the StarStar festival event.
    The event ends in two days, which means users can get the final five stamps tomorrow. 70 is the max. You'll have to make a quick decision. Because you can bet that the real valuable prizes will be taken ASAP.

    I got the flame damage skin. Looks flamey.

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    totally forget this existed...


    til next year

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    Well im playing on Reboot so valuable or not im going to try my luck on title ... if not then well spam SSbox till get something other than potion


    I don't know what i was hoping ... it was gone after 0.0000000000000000000000000000001 sec

    Bought 7 boxes got nothing soo ...

    thats my choice ;<

    P.s actually good when your job is phantom
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