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    Hello there one and all, bumbertyr here!
    For those who don't know our neo city was in fact based off a bigger content by the name of Neo Tokyo. It also being a crazy world full of robots and destruction. we'd like to try and get a read on the communities interest in this area, here are some videos if you'd like to check it out :)

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    Would have been great content four years ago. Little late now.

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    I agree with this. As a (former) JMS player, Future Tokyo has not been the same since Big Bang hit. It's not menacing at all. The only thing to fear about it are its insanely stupidly low drop rates for its quest items. Everything else was not updated with the release of the Big Bang update, so it's all just a huge joke of an area now (or at least since the last time I played).

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    I think the area would still be worth adding. GMS did an update to Singapore and Malaysia where their original contents didn't even have those updates. What's to stop Nexon America from updating Neo Tokyo as they add it as well? I always welcome more bosses especially ones that give reward points =3. Plus it'll be fun with the guildies.

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    I think stuff we already have should be worked on, rather than adding more places to be forgotten about by 99% of the players. Work on things like Twisted Aqua Road or something so it isn't as pointless and lacking.

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    Well, regardless, I'd like to see Neo Tokyo and Tokyo added to GMS. There's no reason why we shouldn't have them.

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    I'd come back just to play it on a side character. Neo city was my favorite place in maplestory

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    This. So much this.

    Fix the already existing issues before creating content that could (potentially) cause more issues and/or be forgotten about in a few weeks upon release.

    I'm fairly certain only like 10 people within my whole alliance even know Krexel exists.



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