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    Hello there maplers bumbertyr here!

    As we all know Zipangu is a loved place by many, whether your getting lost in ninja castle or fighting the infamous yazuka (yes the spelling is correct) or exploring the mushroom shrine cemetary it's definitely a lovely place.

    Since it's release it's kind of sat there for us remaining untouched other than the ninja castle changes. A majority of us in the MLC would like to see changes to showa town and would like to know how you as the player base would feel for changes

    Jms did an overhaul of zipangu not too long ago, how do you feel about the changes that they implemented?

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    "yazuka (yes the spelling is correct)"

    Anyway, I do like it, but I'm not a fan of the HP increase to Bodyguard A.

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    in maplestory they;'re called the yazuka

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    As far as the mobs go, I think they should increase the exp to rival stronghold. If they added the tank in Armory, I could see people using black snakes as an alternative to Stronghold. The flat maps in the night/ghostly part of Zip are nice, would be pretty good training if people didn't mind the lack of safe spots.

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    actually I would like to see all extra world tour areas from jms!

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    I am 100% all for this. I even sent a thing to Zelkova last night about area suggetions. This is my thing about Zipangu:
    Japan Revamp and areas beyond:

    and I agree with @danielcatu. The extra areas would be great!

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    Unrelated to Zipangu, but I had an idea to revamp the Haunted House, which I sent to @Zelkova. He can share it with you guys if you want.

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    the world tour is definitely an interesting place!

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    Speaking of world tour, the Blackgate maps could have some extra work. Right now it feels rushed, with only some "Kill x monsters" quests, and equipment you can only get in the level frame of the map.

    I feel like this could be reworked into a party quest in the likes of Gollux, where you have to clear maps one by one (being able to split each member to take a different path just like Gollux), finding a trigger to spawn the bosses, and then finding them in a different random map. Exp would be calculated by maps cleared, bosses deafeated (X/5), and clear time, so it'd make sense as a 6 person pq (You can even solo, but the exp would be worse because it'd take you longer). Make it scale with level up to some point, and that's a nice PQ you got there for even high level people, even if you restrict the entrances. And what's better, it reminds of the old pq feeling that existed back in the day.

    Right now it's just a waste of map space, and that's a shame.

    Ah, and bonus points if you include ways to unlock bonus stages like fighting all 5 bosses at once or the likes, or ways to increase efficiency by using TEAMWORK, like buffs shared between all members even if in different maps, found inside.

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    Speaking of Blackgate... don't remind me about Twisted Aqua Road...


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    I am a huge fan of World Tour maps. There are so many areas that JMS has access to that we don't in GMS.

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    Blackgate was a failed addition. Probably as bad as Twisted Aqua. They really need to fix these areas up, increased spawn counts better map layouts, increased EXP etc.



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