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    Default ArlongNight's "Mlc Instead of Pmd, revamp to monster park" Discuss

    ArlongNight's "Mlc Instead of Pmd, revamp to monster park"

    Personally I think of it as the same thing as the Mini-Dungeons but packed into one place with added party-play. IMO, I think this is a step back from the idea proposed a couple days ago. This will remove the need to leave the place, almost ever. My Basil ID: Traitor is where you can see all the comments I had. I was just wondering what everyone else thought on the matter. I felt essentially ignored because I wasn't for the idea.

    ArlongNight said:
    "In response to opposition for premium mini dungeons, I made this thread

    My idea is to make it so monster park is the only place with party play. Remove party play from everywhere else and then just make monster park a party play training zone. It would essentially be a mini dungeon hub. No more stages, you just go inside and grind your brains out with party play bonus exp. So lets say you press up in one of the 3 portals in monster park (extreme would be unaffected by this). You get an option to go in solo or with a party. If you choose solo you get to a map that works pretty much exactly the same as stronghold. There is party play exp, the mobs respawn, you can form a party with strangers, what have you. If you choose the party option, assuming the leader is doing this, the whole party goes inside a timed (2 hours?) and private room to grind in. The 3 limit a day should be removed so that you can buy as many tickets as you want. I thought about removing the whole ticket idea but its a good meso sink.

    An advantage to this vs the stronghold we have now is that it is much easier to get to. You can get to monster park from any town and there are no prequests. You can do monster park from level 105 all the way to 250 so it would be a party play area for every level above 105.

    I have not brought this up in our private council discussions, they are seeing this here like everyone else. I want everyone, councillors included, to give feedback on my idea. Agree, disagree, maybe suggest changing stuff. This is an open discussion for everyone."

    What are everyone's thoughts?

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    Okay, so admittedly I have not played much in the past 2 years, so not sure how much monster park or training has changed... but why the pineapple would they need to remove party play from every other area? That pretty much limits everyone to partying/training in monster park. Sure, I guess everyone that wants to train would be gathered in one place, but why not make training and party play better in other areas? The whole thing seems backwards. Its like saying "We know popular training places are crowded and most other areas suck, so instead of improving training areas overall, we will just remove them all and shove them in one map". Seems stupid. They should focus more on making other areas worth training in. I haven't done any training in the 190+ levels in almost 2 years so I can't say what they should improve, but it Strong Hold is still the best place to train 2 years later then something clearly is wrong. How are there no other 200+ places worth training in? They need to make better maps and make the 200+ areas worth it. Improved map layout, monster spawn/exp, party play bonuses, ect. Removing party play or limiting training to one map just seems really cheap and lazy. Instead of trying to come up with how to fix the problems with only very few good training areas per level, they want to take the easiest and laziest path and limit everyone to training in the same place for dozens of levels.

    I guess some parts could be salvaged. Having private channels/maps to training with a party does remove KSing, and if there was a hub to make a party or look for one that could work out fine. If there was no hub though people without a party ready would obviously have a hard time. A time limit could also possibly stop things like leechers, bots, ect., people that join a party of exp and then afk. Ofc I'm pretty sure most people would end up being against any time limit. If there was one, I would probably set it around 4 hours, if 2x exp events are still 4 hours long. That way people don't get kicked during 2x. Ofc a 4 hour time limit is pretty long and kinda pointless. 1 hour would probably be way too short. There could be problems if a player D/Cs and can't enter again or they can't get a replacement, but it there are no limits to entries there shouldn't be any big problems.

    Grinding gets really boring, improving exp from both quests and PQ's is probably a good idea. You could also make it so quest exp scales. So lets say a lv150 quest would give a lv150 5% (that's probably a lot higher than any actual quest gives, right?), and for every level it would give 10% less (so 4.5% for 151, 4% for 152, ect.). Something that scales so you can't to lower level quests and gain huge amounts of exp, but it you do it at the appropriate level you get fairly rewarded. I would have said make rewards based off a 5lv range instead of 1, but then people could possibly abuse quests and save them till the end of the range?

    Also instead of static daily quests and rewards, have it mixed up a bit? So every day gives you similar rewards, but takes place in different areas, to get people to explore more and possibly reduce the mundanity of doing the same quest over, and over, and over day in and day out. Of course some people may be against that, they would rather have an easy schedule to follow for rewards than run around or explore. Possibly having lets say a set of 10 areas that have daily quests, and every day only 5 areas will be active, but follow a weekly schedule? So people don't need to run around too much if they don't want to, but if they want to explore they can.

    Also, not sure what I would call this, but something like a map exp system? So lets say if you train in different maps you slowly gain bonuses for exploring different areas and killing different monsters. Two different ways I could see this go, either as you train in the same map you get progressively less or more exp, depending on what you are going for. For example, if you training in the same map for long hours, and you got an extra 5%/10% per hour, capping at lets say 50%, most people would like that. Or you could go the opposite way and if you training in a map for an hour you get a buff that increases exp by 5%, but you can only get one buff per map, incentivising people to training in different maps? I don't think that would really work to well, but I don't think it would hurt too much either.

    Is Strong Hold still the best/only place to train for 190+ though? If it is that's pretty pineappleed up honestly...

    Either way I don't really see too many improvements coming for training areas, training has been pretty messed up for years and limited to certain areas, don't see it improving anytime soon even with the MLC.

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    Personally I love Scrapyard but it's glitched right now. I also find it better with Kishin but that's just me.

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    First, I'd like to see them increase the HP/EXP of Monster Park monsters.

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    Default Re: ArlongNight's "Mlc Instead of Pmd, revamp to monster park" Discuss

    There are alternative maps now. Twilight Perion wasn't as great but the spawn was pretty good but the maps were too big solo unless you were highly mobile. Scrapyard and Mechanical Grave are pretty good, I just wish that killing fast with Kishin didn't dc you as much as well as an option to turn off the flash respawn animations. The raining meteors of damage are somewhat of a turn off as well but it's pretty good exp. There are other maps in Future Henesys such as Armory 1/2 and Knights District 3/4 that are viable depending on your party composition.

    I just brought up the point of "What's the point of leveling so fast?". I brought this idea up because most people don't even have the adequate gearing and rely on leech and not sure what to do with themselves and ultimately quit because of it.

    I do like your idea of quest scaling. I mentioned briefly here something I wanted to implement if you wanted to check it out: Here

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    Default Re: ArlongNight's "Mlc Instead of Pmd, revamp to monster park" Discuss

    This was my initial thought as well. This system, if done correctly, streamlines the grinding process, adds a meso sink, creates ks free environments, and COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY DESTROYS 90% OF THE PURPOSE OF EXISTING MAPS. You don't have to be an MMO veteran to know that players will always choose the path of least resistance. If this mini dungeon system is widely available and super efficient, no one will train anywhere else. Combine this with the already years out of date quest systems and you've got a bunch of useless maps. The goal should be to create a diverse array of training areas that each have their pros and cons based on things like: map terrain, unique monster weaknesses (like the old elemental system but better), party composition, and a lot of other creative ideas that I don't have but others do.

    Give players a reason to explore the maple world again. Give them a reason to meet other players. Give them a reason to play instead of work.

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    What they did right recently was burning fields. What they need to do is actually balance every map so it's at least competitive with other maps. Why would you ever go to any of the maps before krexel? You don't cause they give generic EXP rates, the spawns are horrible and you have no incentives to do it. What I'd propose is actually buffing the mobs HP, EXP and map layouts to make things worth while.

    I completely forget NLC and CWK are even things in the game now. I never need to buy potions (thanks easy bossing), the mobs aren't very good either. I remember before big bang happened people would always train at Lower Ascent or at Path of Peril because they were actually good additions, now no one bothers with these areas because every other mob has been scaled so massively. I kill a Nest Golem and get around 9k EXP for a level 150 mob or I can kill a level 157 Dirty Lupo in commerci for 4.7k EXP with a terrible map and spawn.

    People train at Stronghold because it's incredibly efficient something that Mechanical Grave lacks. Kritias is even more efficient for me than bothering with mechanical grave. They never should've reduced party play exp to 20%, it should've been kept at 50% and applied everywhere.



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