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  1. Cash5 been too long

    Does anyone know what ever happened to perioncorner? I asked Hanade on facebook and she hasn't replied since shes the owner of both and perioncorner. If anyone has item files and music files from the game could you kindly put them into a rar file and send it to me?

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    Perion Corner is unlikely to return.

    There was already a barrier regarding updating it, since there was an insane amount of data to manage and I don't have the ability to update it myself.

    MapleMe I'm trying to move elsewhere, as the FB page says but still cannot really promise anything yet. Both sites were shut down and it was beyond my control as the host couldn't keep it running anymore.

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    Well do you have the images stored on your computer?

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    I do not. While it might be possible to retrieve them I don't see the value in rehosting a site that hasn't been updated in 2 years and won't ever be.

    Mapleme however is another story. I know Perion Corner was quite active but surely someone else could create something of a similar nature who can actually extract the game.

    At the time Perion Corner was new it was still publicly possible to read the WZ. This is no longer the case and as such I cannot support it.

    I hope you understand that I do not have the required reverse engineering skills to ever solve that.

    Mapleme is being maintained data wise by Locked of this very site. However I'm given specific data just so MapleMe itself can be updated.

    I'm sorry if this is not the outcome you were hoping for but as I said before someone will surely come along and replace it.

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    I didn't mean it like that I'm saying if its possible to put the images in a rar and send them to me. I know it's nearly impossible to get the site back to normal so I wasn't referring to that.



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