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    Hello, I was a regular KMS user till just a few weeks ago, when I moved to USA and started GMS. Recently,KMS has been releasing some updates that focused on making MS into somewhat less a p2w game. When I started to plat GMS and signed up on Southperry, I noticed that GMS players were generally disappointed and annoyed about Nexon America's game management. KMS had gotten off it's negative image quite a bit. However, I heard that GMS' management is still heavily relying on cash. So, I had an idea to make a discussion page about suggestions to this game to make it better. I would just like to know GMS' situation, beacause now I am a player of it. I also want to look at the game being improved. :)

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    There are several threads discussing this every year, most recent one being:

    Highly doubt Nexon America gives a s'hit about the imbalance, having just released a brand new cube into the cash shop last week. My condolences about your version downgrade.

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    You know what? I feel like adding up what people seem to hate the most about the game and what is, under my point of view, the best solution:

    -Past a certain point, there's no sense of growth, leveling means nothing, and you'd need cash to keep growing. With your wallet, as opposed to your game experience.
    -Bosses have a distinct point where you are too powerful for half of them, and too weak for the rest. That point usually falls on the same place as the last point.
    -Several game inconsistencies, like existing ridiculous limits for link skills (both how you need to log in every character to change them and the 12 limit), how some areas aren't connected to the world directly (Revamped Keep, can only access from the mirror) or monster card not having drops for half of the monsters.
    -Training feels repetitive, but then again there's not much to do here. Every action repeated enough gets repetitive.


    -New concept of level growth.

    So, if link skills teached us something, is that we like playing our main character so much, that we'll create a mule to gain benefits on our main. This is interesting, and also refreshing in a way. So, what I propose is focusing on buffs generated by playing not just your character, but your whole account. This way, you gain these benefits: You get to try new classes, you get benefits on the rest of the characters, you have a better head start as a new character so the process feels less repetitive, and most importantly, it lessens the gap between paying and not.

    Let me expand on this a bit more. Let's say, there's this system where you get points, sort of like "world points" (I'll use WP for short). You get WP for various things, but mainly leveling your characters. Let's say, I dunno, having a lv 10 character gives 1, a lv 20 2, a lv 200, 20, etc. Then, for other things, like completing content like quest chains, theme dungeons, and the likes (one time per world). Sort of like achievements and gamer score I guess, but the higher it is, the better benefits you get, like "gain an extra character card deck", or "all character now have this extra skill", with other more normal ones like "+X% all stats" or "+X% buff duration". And of course, link skills are shared across all characters directly without the 12 link skill limit. Being able to get the same benefits but not being able to because it's a hassle logging on 12 characters only generates frustration.

    This fixes: character growth (just try a new class to improve your main), cash shop dependency difference (with new ways to obtain these bonuses, the gap is smaller), monotony (Different skills to play with at least)
    This gives one last problem though: POWER CREEP. More damage means more killing efficiency for everyone. If this was to be applied, the damage should be nerfed to some extent, or there should be some heavy rebalancing.

    -New boss difficulty settings.

    So there's a gap where's little to do. How to fix that? Make bosses have a damage slider, just like the one of smash bros. Now there's no easy Zakum, Normal, and Chaos. Now there's ONE entry option, with a difficulty slider. All party members must accept the chosen difficulty to enter, to avoid surprises. But then, when managing to beat it, two values are saved: Best Solo difficulty cleared, and Best party difficulty cleared. These could also contribute to the WP I mentioned before. But anyway, the idea is to make not only a better chance of a challenge to everyone, but also to eliminate that boredom gap. Anyway, the difficulty settings of easy, normal and chaos would be attributed to a number now, so the bosses still remain as they are, but for example, Easy Zakum is difficulty 1.0, Normal is 3.0, and chaos is 9.0, with maybe even possible higher numbers that you must unlock by leveling up. Also, bosses should only count to the cap if the are defeated, to encourage trying new limits. And this slider, as it increases, changes bosses in these ways:

    -More damage
    -More attacks
    -Different backgrounds (like the chaos ones)
    -Better rewards (With some rewards being only possible past a certain difficulty level)
    -Maybe add potion cooldown to some of these or increase said cooldown
    -Maybe add funky things like additional boss stages (Who doesn't want to fight like, Zakum's inner spirit or something like that?)

    This fixes: Boring gap, Monotony, adds a new measurement to determine the strength of your character, and more accesible content for EVERYONE.

    Imagine fighting a 50.0 difficulty against Zakum, or training with 1.0 Lotus. Maybe add your buddies to try a higher challenge! Reward drops can be capped, but the challenge is still there!

    In fact, I don't know WHY this stuff isn't implemented yet. It's BEGGING to be done.

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    I... What? I must have missed the new cube.
    Wasn't one of the biggest reasons RED happened was removing all the 5000 alternate cubes?

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    They added a 'limited time sale' one called Violet cube. It gives a list of 6 lines, and lets you choose the 3 you get, any 3.
    Say it gives you %dex/%luk/%int/%int/%mdef/%int. You can pick the 3 %int lines.



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