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Thread: [Forum] Known Issues - v165.1.1

  1. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Known Issues - v165.1.1

    The known issues and bug extermination reports will now be posted only to the official forums, not the website.
    As a locked thread in the Announcements section, so it's not like they're inviting comments

  2. Default Re: Known Issues - v165.1.1

    I haven't played for like 2 years, but this is STILL a bug?

  3. Default Re: Known Issues - v165.1.1

    Only for the people who did Coco between the time it became broken and when it got fixed a little while ago. Awful.

  4. Default Re: Known Issues - v165.1.1

    considering the fact the web launcher does not exist anymore, this should've been removed
    all of these bugs are existing for more than 2 years, and were never fully fixed, thus, they are still bugged for many characters

  5. Proton Straight Male
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    Default Re: Known Issues - v165.1.1

    Really wishing they would fix the Day/Night Medals.



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