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    In this thread I would like to ask about some items that i never seen before and dont know what they exacly do.






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    I can't read Korean so I'm going by the pictures of the items I recognize from GMS:

    4. Job-change coin. Enables 4th-job Explorers to change class within their branch (so a Nightlord can become a Shadower, for example, but not a Bowmaster). If you don't have the coin you can do it with meso (meso cost increases with your level).

    5. I believe that's a damage skin storage scroll. Lets you save your current damage skin so you can apply another skin, and if you don't like the new skin you can go back to the old one.
    GMS now has a much better feature, which is a 30-skin storage in the character UI (so, doesn't need a Use item).

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    1 is a 8-Slot Soul Bag for Soul Shards and Souls, I believe. 2 is an 8-Slot Recipe Bag. 3 gives you an face equip associated with either Slime, Orange Mushroom, Pepe, or Pink Bean, as seen here:

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    Thanks guys ... im curious why nr.1 is available at reboot server 0.o

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    You can still get souls in Reboot.

    Apparently when they added Soul and Recipe bags yesterday, some of the stuff stored would disappear (I think it wasn't properly being added to the bags when you pick them up), so we might have to watch out for that when it hits global.
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    Didn't know about souls ... iteresing

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    LF> Soul Bags to come to GMS plox ^-^



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