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Thread: [KMST] KMS 1.2.240 - Kinesis

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    (PvE) Skill Changes

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    Mob (Changed)

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    Kinesis (I)
    Kinesis (II)
    Kinesis (III)
    Kinesis (IV)

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    Thanks for the update locked, can you please do extractions for GMS v163 as well? Curious to know what GMS extractions for v163 are;Thanks.
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    what happen to gms extraction ? i havnt seem them for a long time
    did you guy got lazy or ran out of fund? or there some bug preventing from extracting? or the extraction is useless to even worth getting it
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    238 to 240.

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    1. I do this for free. I don't get paid for this. There are no "funds".
    2. I didn't do v163 because I forgot. I finished v163 already.
    3. I didn't do v164 because the fix for KMS kinda did something with GMS and I'm looking into it. v164 is very small so I doubt it matters.
    4. I do not know if the extraction is 'useless' because I didn't look at it and I don't care about it.
    5. I am lazy. Everyone knows that.

    There's no "conspiracy" that's blocking the GMS extractions from happening. I'm a human being and I basically work on my own accords here. The only fault here is my inability to communicate issues with you guys.

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    Thanks Locked, looking forward to GMS v163 extractions soon

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    Just a reminder that Danny's volunteering to do this so we're lucky to even have these extractions, and not to jump down his throat every chance we get

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    i see they removed the hyper skills, but are the new hyper skills anywhere? i can't find them in the extraction

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    They removed all the hypers that gives stats and replaced them with the hyper stat system, described here.

    Totally misread that. I'll look into it.
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