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    I see many x and y coordinates (at Character.wz), but I don't understand how to use them to put the character body parts on the "right place".

    Can someone explain how MapleStory manipulate these values?

    Thanks; ^^

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    For what purpose?

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    Do you really need to know it? :(

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    Go to any of the skill extractions, and pick any of the hitbox hyperlinks (anything that has something like "300%"). The website has a generator (a php script, by the looks of it) to produce a simple box with a maplestory background showing the range of the skill, based on the X and Y coordinates. There should be 2 sets of them, one as ltx or lty, and one as rbx or rby (as in, left top and right bottom). Note the negative numbers, since the reference system is static and not based on how the character faces. For what I see and remember, it spans from the center of your character, and from the feet (take off your character's shoe if it gets confusing).

    I'll leave the link for you, and you can play with the numbers in the url to see how it varies.


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    Thanks for the reply.... but I think you did not answer my question.

    I want to know:

    How to use these:

    To transform separate body parts into an entire body.
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    Sorry that's out of my current toolset. I could work it out if I had the tools, but no I don't have them nor the time to work it out.


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    "Origin" in this case refers to the "reference point" from which everything is placed. The point given by the origin property of an image is the point on that image where the reference point is supposed to be.

    In other words just place the top left of each image at -x, -y.



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