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Thread: Goku VS DC

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    Default Re: Goku VS DC

    As much as I love DC comics, Goku would hands down win.
    Goku is the MOST OVER POWERED character in existance, even more so now that there are the chaos gods and all that stuff.
    Not even the Sailor Moon characters could defeat Goku. And supposedly Gohan should be even stronger!
    And DC comics have really nerfed Superman with the New 52. Although I am sad I did not see Supermans own Kamehameha attack in the video.

    Pretty funny video. Suscribed.

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    LMFAO. That was good.

    If a serious discussion were to be had, though, this is how it would go down :

    -Vegeta might be distracted a little by Wonder Woman, but it likely wouldn't break his concentration on battle, as "MY PRIIIDE!" Goku wouldn't be distracted at all, because aside from Chichi, he's never shown true interest in a female counterpart, as in Dragon Ball, he would have to pat the crotch of people he met to see if they were a boy or a girl.

    -The only super heroes they'd have a hard time against would be Flash and Superman (depending on which DC Universe we're talking about). The Flash moves beyond light speed. FAR beyond light speed. I don't think the Dragon Ball characters would have a snowball's chance in hot Hell to catch up to the Flash at all. Superman, on the other hand, in the right universe, is so powerful that he can sneeze galaxies away. He lives in the freakin' sun and isn't affected by Kryptonite any longer. He can lobotomize anyone by looking at them. The right Superman is unstoppable by the might of Dragon Ball characters. Although, I do love the idea of Shunkan Idou'ing Superman to a planet with red suns, but that would go against the nature of Goku - to overcome any challenge by his own means and execution when his opponent is at their best. It also bothers me a bit that Goku would have much knowledge of his enemies before he faces them. His true genius comes out when he's fighting an enemy for the first time and learns and adapts on the fly. His general strategy is to get beaten around to learn his opponent before he starts kicking it up a notch.

    All in all, it depends on which iteration of the DC Universe characters we're talking about. Superman is out-right written in to win. I haven't really read the New 52 comics at all, though, so I don't know how different any of them are.

    That said, I'm surprised that the Marvel Universe didn't result in Squirrel Girl stomping the DBZ characters.

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    ^ That and why did Vegeta had a "hard" time with batman? He is just human after all, it's like if Vegeta couldn't just 1HKO Krillin.

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    Thats so no like Goku...

    and Isnt wonder woman a goddess aswell? There's no way Chichi would beat her.

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    Default Re: Goku VS DC

    As much as I enjoy Goku, Superman is his own level of BS. Especially if you give him enough time in the sun to power up. Golden/Silver Age Superman had nonsense like sneezing away a solar system, or juggling planets. There's also that infamous bit about Superman bench pressing planets (via a machine) and towing the Earth. With Goku having SSGSS mode though, this may change a lot. I still haven't seen Revival of F though, so I dunno how massive a power boost it gives.

    Also funny that a Goku vs DC video was posted. Guess what happens next week?

    I'm predicting a 9001% chance of

    The salt's gonna be flying so hard, I guarantee it.

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    This is something I thought about after I watched that DeathBattle video back in the day when it came out. The reason why Goku wouldn't beat Superman is because within the very Dragon Ball, power levels are freaking inconsistent. After every arc Goku and company were inadvertently nerfed because of Studio's inability to properly portrait their power capabilities and to help them avoid having to blow galaxies in order to properly showcase powers by the end of the series.

    For example, when Freeza is in Namek and is transforming into his perfect form, the whole planet, many times bigger than Earth shakes completely to the point oceans start to levitate, yet when Goku is transforming to SSJ3 a similar effect is had even though Earth is smaler and SSJ3 should be several times stronger than Freezas transformation. IDK if that part was canon but if Vegeta could bl0w up planets when his power level wasn't above 20k (when he was traveling with Nappa) Vegeta SSJ4 should be able to wipe a whole Galaxy with a Final Flash.

    Goku shouldn't win the Deathbattle 2 if they go by the same logic they did in the first one, because Superman is too full of BS that even SSG can come close to.

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    I wouldn't say superman is too full of BS, it's just that goku has bounds while I don't think superman got any aside color of a star and krytonite, I mean goku has to work to be strong while superman was born strong, heck can superman even die from anything while away from those 2 things?

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    Batman, for some reason, is overpowered as pomegranate in the DC universe. He has lots of plot armor and his parents are dead.

    He was, until his mother told him to go to school and he got laid.

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    Did they ever explain why if superman is so overpowered while being a simple kriptonian, almost their entire race went extint from the explosion of their planet?

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    This was written as a joke, right? Just making sure.

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    Default Re: Goku VS DC

    Space travel was near impossible to Kryptonians. Their red son and increased gravity field (this was something they accidentaly put upon themselves) around the planet prevent them from mass escaping the planet. Superman's father did his best to create a technology that would let his son get away from the planet through other means (like going through the phantom zone).

    @Malthe; Kind of. If Goku is beaten half to death, he will automatically "boost up" to the level of his opponent, or more. If you apply that to characters from other universes, he has endless potential.

    Overall, Golden Age Superman is as OVERPOWERED as they get. Goku however could easily defeat the New 52 Superman.
    I mantain Goku has endless power.

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    Goku is honestly weaksauce compared to truly overpowered characters(Not saying that goku is weak, he's not). He's incredibly strong within his own setting though, but that's only because the DB-verse doesn't really include characters with auto-win abilities like for example elder god demonbane and is mostly a setting with physical fights or energy beam spam.

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    It takes for him to be beat up to pomegranate and then recover for the power boost to happen, so in any realistic scenario that wouldn't help Goku win a fight unless the opponent let him recover, besides the power boost from recovering goesn't go as far as to put him on part with his opponent. To be honest, that ability is nothing more and a stupid plotarmor put to help Goku and Co go from barely defeating Vegeta to being able to fight Freeza's men because there was no way to fit anything else, hence why it was never mentioned before and was never mentioned after.

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    So its finally out


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    Default Re: Goku VS DC

    Now that you mention it, I would love seeing these two fight a villain.

    Although it would be hard for any villain to be a match for them.

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    I wouldn't. It would be like the example they used of Goku and Shazaam moving the infinity book or whatever, Goku wouldn't even need to be there.

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    I find it funny that they made the same point I made here and you can see the reason for the rematch and the rematch itself was mostly bullpomegranate and the actual episode was telling DBZ fans to stop whining about superman winning in the battle they made and that facing superman versus basically anyone is unfair.

    And yet after all the explaining they give inside their respective universes and outside why the outmatch ends like it does they still get people mad at them...



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