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Thread: [In Progress] Beast Tamer Events: 7/8 – 8/18

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    Ok, having tried this event out, the Equipment Gift totally fails if you make your BT a 'burning' character. You miss most of the gear because your level always goes up in 3s.

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    From what I've seen in previous class creation events, the gear is no better than what Tot gives you, so no great loss.

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    Absolutely true. Fortunately I kept my leveling gear from my other BTs from when it was first released, so I have weapons from lvl 30-110 with the best potentials I happened to find last time.

    It does also interfere with your 1-30 leveling process. I found some quests I couldn't complete in the tutorial because I over-leveled. Not that this a big deal if you are an experienced player, but a player who wants to do the story and still get the advantage of the event will have trouble.



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