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    Gosh, Nexon, you must really love to hear crap about your game. The way you formulate your polls guarantee that you will get overwhelmingly bad feedback.

    And here I thought the players were the masochists...

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    I put 5. I really have to know who I'm going to refer before I can really recommend them play the game.

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    Used it to beg Nexon to make Root Abyss Lucky Item Scrolls easier to get

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    Bad feedback, at this point, would help them a lot more than good feedback.

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    Depends what kind of bad feedback.

    People who quit a long time ago and don't quite keep up with the changes, repeating the same complaints that made them quit back then, doesn't help.
    They need constructive criticism from people who are aware of the current state of the game (including the upcoming KMS changes), who can acknowledge efforts made, and who can point out what still needs fixing in somewhat finer detail. (But not too fine... asking for CRA Zero scrolls is probably a bit too fine...)

    I like that they're asking the exact same question over and over.
    While there are people who hate them enough to just answer "0" every single time (and I assume there might be fanboys answering "10" every time), it should be useful for them to see whether the average is moving up or down. Gives them an idea of whether they're doing anything right.

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    Used mine to basically ask they don't pineapple up Reboot World when we get it.
    And we better get it.



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