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  • Super Smash Brothers

    7 26.92%
  • Diablo 3

    6 23.08%
  • Brave Frontier

    2 7.69%
  • None of them are worth it/need it.

    15 57.69%
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Thread: New Subforums

  1. Default New Subforums

    Based on volume of responses, which if any do you want/need new subforums for of the following:

    • Super Smash Brothers
    • Brave Frontier
    • Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

    Vote. Discuss. Whatever.

  2. Default Re: New Subforums

    I can't speak for brave frontier, but it's really only a handful of us that regularly chat in the diablo 3 and smash threads, so I don't personally feel they warrant subforums, but we'll see how the poll goes.

  3. Default Re: New Subforums

    Brave Frontier isn't much different either. It's mainly a small handful of us now since most of the players seem to have mysteriously disappeared.

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    Default Re: New Subforums

    Brave Frontier is almost a dead thread now :l just some posts every now and then. If you started this poll a few months back then maybe.

  5. Default Re: New Subforums

    I could see Smash getting one, since there's many different topics that people can talk about for it. But the other two don't really need one.



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