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    MapleStory 2's third cinematic has been revealed today, featuring boss monster The Last Bajar. The game will officially launch on July 7th in Korea.
    I like all three cinematics!

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    That actually wasn't that bad. I enjoyed it. Won't be playing, but I definitely could tell this was made by Koreans. Lol.

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    I just knew she was gonna get pissed off and join the fight eventually lol.

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    Grill master at 1:21 confirmed.

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    The cinematics have improved in looks

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    Default Re: MapleStory 2 - 3rd cinematic

    As an oldschool mapler, don't know what to think of this.

    If the game is supposed to be based on maple worlds past, what's up with huge modern cities, cars, smartphones, pool parties...? If it didn't say MapleStory, I would think the trailer is for SIMS - The Weird Chibi Edition.

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    I mean, you can only tie a game so much to a predecessor if you want to make it be a stand-alone game.

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    That's the thing, don't call it Maplestory 2 then. This game is not MapleStory. It has elements of Maplestory but this is not Maplestory. It's Nexon trying to cash in on the name alone. It would be like when Frozen 2 comes out if it has nothing to do with Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, or Olaf but takes place in a Kingdom called Arendelle but it takes place 400 years in the past and has flying cars, jet packs and other pomegranate that's nothing close to the original.

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    I disagree:

    1) We have very little frame of reference on the Maple World. All we really have is that hundreds (thousands?) of years ago the Black Mage threatened the entire world. The heroes managed to seal him and a portion of the population left Ossyria for a prehistoric Victoria Island. In the years that follow Victoria Island urbanizes and becomes seemingly modern. The Maple World has cars and primitive televisions, not to mention they're capable of flight in various ways.

    Ludus Lake has all sorts of interesting aspects: Ludibrium is frozen in time, Omega Sector is clearly more futuristic than Korean Folk Town, which appears more medieval. Leafre is less primitive than the two cities of the Nihal Desert, which may or may not be less primitive than Orbis and El Nath. All the meanwhile, Edelstein appears to be more technologically advanced than just about every other city/civilization in the Maple World. After all, Gelimer was able to make BMD.

    There is no clear standard of technology. You have more futuristic (or realistic?) locations such as Kerning City, Showa Town, and New Leaf City, which all have electricity, and then you have very primitive locations such as Perion, Leafre, and Herb Town.

    2) It's been stated a fair few times that the Maple World is just a dream of Rhinne (or was it just some generic Maple Goddess?), ready to be destroyed when she awakens. What's not to say this is just a different dream she's having?

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    1) Various differences and aspects are fine. But when you take a game and completely change everything it is and was it's more than just what it is visually. Maplestory is a 2d side scroller game. If you're going to make the jump to 3D that's fine. Numerous other games have done it. But the difference is games like Mario, and Zelda kept the same feel as what the game was. It was just Mario and Zelda in 3D. This is not MapleStory 3D. It's a brand new concept all together.

    2) I don't think that's all true because then Rhinne woke up. See here: for the lore. We know a large deal of the Maple World actually. We don't know much of it's past but it's present is pretty clear.

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    I'm pretty sure there's no pre-defined standard on how game remakes are supposed to work. Sure, others may be similar, or switch to 3D, but it doesn't mean MapleStory can't take it a step farther or do something different. There's still a lot of the basic MapleStory towns, there's still going to be henehoes, but it's a new game in itself as well. I wouldn't even go as far to say it's a new concept altogether. The concepts are pretty similar in my opinion. The cute motif even stays the same, too.

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    I got into the Final CBT, so trust me on this one:

    This game is pre-Big Bang MS in 3D.

    A bigger world with more maps (useless for grinding) to explore? Playable characters are weaker and don't have screen clearing skills? Quests do little to help you level up? Lots of grinding long before reaching the level cap? It's all back. In 3D.

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