Heeeya all (been forever since I got back on SP thanks to DFO all day everyday). Figure I'd make a separate thread on if you want to say anything about the Cera shop that Neople just recently opened up. Thread title may change depending on how the thread turns out. So I figure other than Cera discussion, you can also go show off your dressed up characters or post the latest avatars for sale.

So to start things off, I'm finding the Cera shop FAR more fair than the crazy prices Nexon put up some of their stuff for. Using dollars as the standard, back in the day it cost $3-4 for the Owl, plus there was a cooldown of around 5 minutes or something. Now, it's only 90 cents and has a 3 second cooldown. I'd like to say more, but I'll end up making a mountain of text.

Biggest wins in my book: Account safe upgrades, inventory slot expansions ($1.30 for +2 rows and +20 kg), Owl, CLONE ADV pieces, Char rename ticket, far more reasonable prices in general.

Gripes: No Visa support, avatar pieces not tradeable (at least for now)

Additional thoughts: The mileage rebate is pretty sweet, considering it more easily allows you to also help in making a monthly avatar set permanent if you like the looks. I'm also really hoping that enough people are buying Cera to keep the game going. Free players keep the game popular and alive, but ultimately it's the Cera spenders that'll keep the game financially healthy.