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    So the new Pixar movie has been released, and personally, I think it's one of Pixar's best. It's up there with, well, Up (sorry for the bad pun) and Toy Story.

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    It's a really good movie. The things that they managed to reference and the humor is all very enjoyable for all ages. There's a little something for everyone in this movie and it hits a lot of emotional notes, though I guess I shouldn't be surprised in a movie that focuses on emotions. One of my favorite Pixar/Disney films.

    And Lava gets mixed reviews, but I thought it was pretty decent. Not one of the best, but definitely not the worst.

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    Just got back from watching it, with my children and some of their friends (15-19 years old).
    Everyone loved it. Laughed when it tickled, shed a tear when it jerked. Very well done.
    My daughter the film major says, "Great concept, great execution."

    I didn't like Lava. My children also found it boring and superfluous.

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    I liked it, I found it cute. It wasn't one of Pixar's best, won't deny that though.

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    I was disappointed, I was expecting more interactions between the parents, but the concept/imagination definitely is enough to hold your attention. It was refreshing and new but didn't hit my feels as much as I hoped it would.

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    I was reading an article about this movie yesterday. Supposedly they made something like 97 million this weekend, but because Jurassic World made like 110m they overshadowed them as the "box office king".

    This was also the first movie out of Pixars last 14 movies to not debut in the #1 spot despite this movie making more than any other "non sequel" movie (Beating out Avatar).

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    I think this image is appropriate:



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