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  1. Default Hayato-tachi, pls come in

    Just curious that what's your actual Katana mastery?
    After I calculated, my Katana mastery is like 53% (min divides max).
    Then I go other classes and calculate, their mastery is 90% with 20% as base since expert gives 70%.

    Does that mean Hayato is actually getting 33% only?

  2. Default Re: Hayato-tachi, pls come in

    It means theres a calculation error somewhere. I think people have speculated that it's because of the beginner hyper not correctly adding to your minimum range.

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    Default Re: Hayato-tachi, pls come in

    Correct, shimada heart only adds to max range

  4. Default Re: Hayato-tachi, pls come in

    Can you give me the range calculation for Hayato? My maths is no good.



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