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  1. Default Which katara is better?

    I am poor right now, so I can't get any SweetWater.
    After research on the katara, I found these 2 are affordable, but which one is better? I'm not planning to perfect their potential stats.

    1)Dragonic Dragon Katara
    ATK 58, Effects: HP +50, MP +20, ACC +30, 8 Slots, Faster (3) Speed
    -It has 20% Minimum Critical damage
    -additional 20% to Devil/Demon boss(I also found that most big boss are Devil/Demon type)
    -30WA 10Stats(?) for 10 slots

    2)Raven Horn Shadow Katara
    ATK 65, Effects: LUK +10, 7 Slots, Faster (3) Speed
    -45WA 18Luk for 9 slots (spell trace'd)

    Differences are:
    - RH has extra 22 WA
    - RH has extra 8 Luk
    - Dragon has extra 40% damage

    Lastly, I'd like to know the Katara ranking as in scroll'd + in-bulit stats

  2. Default Re: Which katara is better?

    Raven Horn cause you can transpose it.

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    Default Re: Which katara is better?

    It's actually 30% extra dmg assuming 100% crit when fighting devil/demon monsters

    Sengoku kataras are dirt cheap if you can snag one from someone unaware of transposing making it the best katara for that purpose



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