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  1. Default Tales of Berseria

    Main character's name is Velvet (ベルベット, berubetto), voiced by Satou Rina
    The theme will be pirates.

    Hopefully, she actually is a main character.

    I haven't even finished Zestiria yet ._. Hoping that being on PS4 doesn't mean PS4 gets additional features. Though it looks like we're finally moving towards PS4 only.

    PS: I haven't finished Zestiria because it's bad per se, but after I got it in late January, I had a bit of time and then classes kicked into high gear. After classes have ended, I've played it a couple of days, but a) since it's on the PS3, I'll naturally waver towards my PC to do things and b) it's just so hard when the AI always gets oneshot at the start of a boss fight etc.
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  2. Default Re: Tales of Berseria

    Does NA even have a release date for Zestiria yet? :(

  3. Default Re: Tales of Berseria

    @Justin Q3 2015

  4. Default Re: Tales of Berseria

    PS3 and PS4? Hmm... that's rather nifty.
    Hopefully they announce a localization on Berseria really soon as well.

  5. Default Re: Tales of Berseria

    Body is ready. Can't wait for zestiria first though

  6. Default Re: Tales of Berseria

    I'm sold.

    ...kidding, sort of.

    This game might be my reason to grab a PS4. I'm skipping Zestiria, but I did enjoy Tales of Xillia a lot (never got a chance to play the second game :[ ).

  7. Default Re: Tales of Berseria

    If they've learned from Zestiria, the polish can make this into a very good game. I would expect this to have a similar overworld system, though since it is pirate based, it might see the return of ocean travel which we haven't really seen since Vesperia (Graces and Xillia were the talk to npc and move variants and as far as I can tell, Zestiria you're landlocked). But I really hope we don't get a 1:1 scale ocean.

    Things I hope have improved from Zestiria:
    • No temporary party members
      • Given the massive outrage, they'll either have learned, or just won't advertise said member as a main character
    • Better battle camera
      • Certain situations could have the camera zoom in too closely if you're against a wall, etc
    • Better AI
      • Personal gripe but the AI is too stupid (or the difficulty is just too high for me.
        The enemy tends to (read: always) attack my NPC party members instead of me, leading to their immediate demise
        Also, there is no more 'shortcut' to control allies to use certain artes (i.e. abuseable spell spamming)
    • Return of the 'Arte Shortcut' i.e. R-Analog
      • R-Analog in Zestiria controlled NPC formation instead of being for 4 artes. I think this also contributed to a smaller arte list.
    • Drops?
      • It may just be the mid-game, but I've had a hard time getting useful drops for the rather complex equipment skill system
    • Equipment Skill System
      • I can see how this may be too complex and overwhelming, especially for a more casual player. I'm okay with it thus far, but I'd be more okay with it if I had more control.
    • SC
      • I'm not really feeling the necessity when I can't see the actual number and only my blue bar, especially when AC/CC exists. It's basically TP that recovers really fast, but you can't see the number itself. It otherwise works fine.
    • Map Action
      • Some of the map actions were too useless, and it would show a question mark over your head at a location where you could use one. I think it's more today's gamer who doesn't have time for a pomegranateton of secret bullpomegranate and I can appreciate that, but still.
    • Support Skills
      • Detect Discovery/Chests/Normin, pickup gald, produce food... Mostly useless, though I will admit I missed some Normin after turning it off. Chests are so obvious though, given the detection range...

    Things that were great in Zestiria
    • Edna
      • Ednaednaednaednaednaednaednaedna
    • Combat
      • Fluidity seemed fairly good.
        Viability from everyone in the cast.
        Interesting RPS (though there could be more differentiation between whether an R or a P is happening)
    • Equipment Skill
      • While it is complex, I do like the challenge of trying to build around this and getting some decent combinations out.
    • Maps
      • The maps for the most part were big and interesting. I had a couple locations where I would have to backtrack (ARGH) because they were large and complex enough, and not just a straight line
        Maps were big though, and I enjoyed exploring them
    • Atmosphere
      • Walking into an area covered in miasma still spooks me for some reason. The purple fog and lightning/thunder just does it well.
        Also some of the darker elements in the story are more appealing
        I'd like to see some more random weather in areas since they showcased they can do rain

  8. Default Re: Tales of Berseria

    @Justin; @JoeTang;

    Tales of Zestiria releasing on PS3 and PS4 on October 16th, 2015, and on PC on October 20th, 2015.

  9. Default Re: Tales of Berseria

    Man... I swear, if that rumor of Fallout 4 is true... that's going to be one hell of a week for game releases. @_@;

  10. Default Re: Tales of Berseria

    >bonus content

    Am I going to have to buy this game again...

  11. Default Re: Tales of Berseria

    Trailer shown at the announcement. (Followed by like 30 seconds of ads).
    Doesn't really reveal anything at all.

  12. Default Re: Tales of Berseria

    Shes pretty i like her.

    Bonus content = Alisha dlc on disc? :3 I hope they fix the camera in the PS4 version lol :|

  13. Default Re: Tales of Berseria

    New trailer revealing some story and new characters.

  14. Default Re: Tales of Berseria

    Looks like we may be going back to a Xillia combat style? People are saying it's only 4 attacks, but it looks like 5-6 attacks to me.

  15. Default Re: Tales of Berseria

    Bandai Namco just confirmed this game's localization, along with God Eater. <3

    As with most series nowadays, I'm a bit late to joining the fanbase, I'm startings Tales Of with Zestiria. Since I only have a PS4, I can't really go back to play older ones(and my pc can't handle games, so Steam's not an option), but I am grabbing a Vita for Christmas, mind telling me which are good there? s:

  16. Default Re: Tales of Berseria

    That's weird. I could have sworn they already confirmed localization when Berseria was first announced long ago.

    Also isn't Tales of Hearts R the only localized Tales of game for the Vita? The other being Innocence R, but that's Japan only.
    I personally never played the Vita games, but my sister played Hearts R.

  17. Default Re: Tales of Berseria

    Damn it, wiki's list of Vita games confirms that. Thought there were 2 or 3, meh.

  18. Default Re: Tales of Berseria

    I hear Hearts R is quite good, and definitely a step up from Hearts for DS.

  19. Default Re: Tales of Berseria

    New info dump. Preprepreprequel to Zestiria.
    We get to use all four buttons to attack now. This will be a nightmare to switch back to an older game from.

  20. Default Re: Tales of Berseria

    inb4 Lailah is in Berseria as well since the game seems to take place during the "death age" 200 years before Zestiria. It is rather interesting that Bamco is axing the PS3 version in favor for the Steam version for the western release.



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