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  1. Lightbulb Good Guy Black Mage (serious discussion)

    There is actually some degree of argument for this. If you've done the library story arcs and seen the history of how the white mage became the black mage there's this bit about how he says that 'an ultimate white magic doesn't exist but an ultimate black magic does exist' and as such then decides to pursue that "ultimate" form. In a sense it could be argued that an "ultimate white magic" can only exist if an "ultimate black magic" exists first, to give it a reason. So in a round about way he could actually be still pursuing an "ultimate white magic" by becoming a form that will essentially require its creation and being. This is supported also by discussion of the state of affairs in Mapleworld being somewhat bleak, there weren't any real "heroes" around at all, but the existence of the black mage brought about those "heroes".

    So I don't really know if you could call him a "good guy", but it might be that he's not necessarily entirely evil... just looking at a "bigger picture" of reality so to speak.

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    Black mage dindonuffin! :D

    Seriously though, you could classify him as "chaotic good" in a sense. Without the black mage there would be no Maple heroes!

    PS - Is it just me or does the white mage look exactly like that one NPC that used to be near the pirate town... the one with the horn on his head I think... or do they just have similar hairstyles? I can't remember exactly, but for some reason they seem really similar in my memory.

    Oh, on another note, there's also the discussion amongst the remaining Black Mage commanders about the actions of Gelimer that don't really add up. I mean, he was pretty well on the verge of wiping out nearly the whole of Maplestory and yet the remaining commanders acted like that wasn't even relevant at all (and in fact it was Orchid that essentially saved the whole of Maplestory), the others acted like it wasn't even a side goal though. Granted they're primarily fixated on the return of the Black Mage, but the whole point of the Black Mage was to basically wipe everything off the face of existence (like he did to the Demons), so it seems like they should have been at least ~slightly~ more enthused about it, rather than completely uncaring about the entire affair. They didn't even seem to care that Orchid took it upon herself to stop him entirely... and she was essentially a direct creation of the Black Mage!

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    It's kind of like those people who say that bad things happening to good people is "God testing you." Me, I'm happy that God doesn't find me worthy of being tested.
    And, in the same vein, I'd prefer a world that doesn't need "heroes", to one where some have risen out of the suffering of millions (or however large the population was supposed to have been).

    Matter of personal philosophy, I guess.

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    The whole

    good-guy-deciding-to-become-the-ultimate-evil-to-unify-everyone-in-good is literally the fantasy equivalent to

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    like madara / obito in naruto

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    Yeah it's not exactly a very interesting creative trope, kind of like yelling, "PSYKE!" or Pee Wee Herman's "I meant to do that." A similar form to a "Deus Ex Machina" magically undoing some horrible event simply because the author wasn't creative enough to think of any way out of hole they wrote their characters into... but it's generally what I would expect from Nexon... story wise anyway. Most of their stories all have very simple, childish plot twists that are real easy to guess.



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