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  1. xDae

    Default Actually Seeing Infighter Damage

    Guys the skills is Screw Punch, and it takes 1.5 seconds to charge. Hits 3 monsters

    You can charge it while moving at full speed, and you can even jump. So between mobs its easy to charge up

    himynameishi from SW shows us actual Infighter damage, instead of numbers generated from formulas

    Dexless btw


  2. Default

    I'm gonna assume Screw Punch is maxed.

    The damage is very impressive, to me, at least. Level 45 hitting up to almost 10k, I fear that this will be the new DEX-less Assassin...

  3. Default

    ummm he's hitting 3k to 3 monsters... or are you talking about total 10k spread across 3 monsters?

  4. Default

    I think he's talking about the 10k, it's like a dexless 7x sin hitting this type of damage ( or more) with sp.

  5. Default

    Mob skills always do more damage to a full mob than One on One moves. ._.
    Still, 3k at level 45 isn't anything to be ashamed of. My 62 sin hits below that in his average hit. Sure he sucks and has 100 Base Dex, but the point's still made. ._.

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    Level 71, Double Upper - Although i got a 20+ ATK weather effect during that move. I still hit about 5k average on roids. =]

    Level 20: MP - 30 / 290% Damage (Double Upper)
    Level 20: MP - 36 / 420% Damage (Screw Punch)

    Of course Screw Punch deals greater damage, and this is on a Sentinel.

    EDIT: I hitted 8k, but was too late to screenshot it.
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    My lvl 45 dexless warrior with decent equips doesn't hit that much on 6 monsters with SB T_T Not even close actually

  8. Default

    Do want!

  9. xDae


    I think its name is Kino

  10. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
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    At first I was like "godly" but then again, he is dexless AND you do have to charge it up (though admittably not that much and you can move).

  11. Default

    Those equips he has should be extremely cheap. Who the hell doesn't have stuff like a 7 atk WG etc. I want to see a godly funded dexless infighter's damage

  12. Default

    That's impressive 0_o

    I think i'll make my infighter a normal one because i'm no damage hore =P

    But still, that's a lot bigger damage than my hunter was doing at 45 ><

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    You don't have to be a damage whore to choose the strongest path

  14. Default

    Equips are way different on kMS than on gMS, so it's better if you don't compare them. We don't have stuff like stormcaster gloves or anything like that.. The highest attack work glove I've seen in the FM is a 10 attack, though some of my guild members have seen 11 attack gloves. It might just be because our server is fairly new, but for the most part people just don't mass scroll weapon attack items like they do on gMS because everyone on kMS prefers the magic classes (especially Bishops).

  15. Default

    Either way, that is some really impressive damage, especially since the equips aren't as good as GMS. I shudder to think what kind of damage Infighters will do with GMS's Facestompers and Stormcaster Gloves.

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    Yeah but people are still comparing the damage with gMS standards, so the equips should be compared with gMS equips too imo...

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    I agree, this is some strong damage that these kind of Infighters can do.

    No you cannot compare this with GMS, because does KMS have Stormcaster Gloves, Onyx Apples, Facestompers ? No.

    Of course a LV45 Infighter with an 15 attack Stormcaster Glove and 1 Onyx Apple will deal WAY more damage than THAT level 45 does.
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  18. xDae


    so basically, take what we see....and expect even better from someone with amazing me :D

  19. Won't Be Coming Back Male

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    Does anyone here know their Damage formula? I just finnished getting my equips in GMS broa and I REALLY wanna know what my damage is gonna far I got a

    Blue Maple Bandana 06-7
    12Dex Crystal Leaf Earings
    35 Dex Sauna
    10Dex 4 atk Pac
    12 Dex YSS
    16 atk SCG
    2Dex 2Str 90/90 necklace
    10dex Wooden Nose
    and ermm yeah gonna be dexless wif 120 knuckle, i'm really hopping to become a BIG member in this forum , btw Hello to everyone ^_^



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