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  1. Default KMST 1.2.10 - Skill Changes

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    Character (Changed)
    (PvE) Skill Changes
    Mob (Changed)

    This extraction uses a new version of MSIT (thanks to @AngelSL;) so if any gifs seem broken please let me know.

  2. Default Re: KMST 1.2.10 - Skill Changes

    Many thanks to Locked for the extraction. This is a major update for some of us.

    In general, some QoL improvements, particularly in terms of buffing delay reduction. This can be important in some places (e.g. OOPArts), but otherwise people would rather some other changes. I do appreciate them a great deal because Lumis take a very long time to fully buff if not on a rope.

    ITT Lumi changes are very welcome, particularly for Blessing of Darkness because that does improve our survivability a great deal. If you have a +2 seconds invincibility line/neb, then you're always taking a fraction of the damage you'd usually be dealt (and it affects 1/1 too). I... don't quite see the need for Redemption to have a cooldown? But regardless we're still impressive tanks.

    Paladins have a strange time here. What's the point of having that increased damage to Blast, but adding a CD? Isn't that our bread and butter for bossing? The elements hardly matter anymore in MS to begin with. *edit* Ok if it's just the Blast buff having a CD then... err... I still don't know why it has a CD? What part, or how much of bossing/mobbing does it affect?

    I think the general idea of these "rebalancing" changes is 1) make playing less spammy, and 2) there shouldn't be a massive AoE nuke for free without a cooldown or significant penalty (*cough*Devils cry*cough). Quite a mixed bag, really, but this is still a "first-pass" number change so don't go ragequit yet.


  3. Default Re: KMST 1.2.10 - Skill Changes

    So bishops do get element reset while using VOA yet it doesn't seem to work properly.

    They finally changed Evan's ridiculous maple warrior delay.

  4. Default Re: KMST 1.2.10 - Skill Changes

    Blast does get a cooldown:

  5. Default Re: KMST 1.2.10 - Skill Changes

    According to the Magnus video in the notification thread, it is in fact the Blast attack which has the cooldown.

  6. Default Re: KMST 1.2.10 - Skill Changes

    To quote my second grade report card on the self-control section: "Needs improvement"

  7. Default Re: KMST 1.2.10 - Skill Changes

    Any idea how much the attack bonus is for elemental expert?

  8. Default Re: KMST 1.2.10 - Skill Changes

    10% att/matt

  9. Default Re: KMST 1.2.10 - Skill Changes

    Liking the delay changes on buffs!

    Paladin is starting to feel like a "Sheen" class.
    I'm starting to wonder, what if they made Elemental Resistance Ignore work like F.Mage's "Elemental Burn" in DFO rather than removing it entirely. At the least, that would give a reason to spam ALL Elementals rather than solely Lightning (or is it Divine now?) and require that effort to output higher DPS.

  10. Default Re: KMST 1.2.10 - Skill Changes

    It's quite interesting to see Nexon's approach on a support/defense class, even though this nerf looks even more extreme compared to what happened with void elemental. If I was able to suggest to the dev team, I'd say look at how Vengeance of Angel from bishops works and try to work a similar system as theirs, without completely copying what it does. At the same time, paladins might turn into second bishops if this happens (since paladins can resurrect people too). Let's just hope, for the sake of all paladins that still play, that these changes are not finalized.

    Luckily I'm done recording my videos too. I'm actually having fun ever since I switched to paladin.
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  11. Default Re: KMST 1.2.10 - Skill Changes

    Soul Seeker delay increase, Trinity and Soul Seeker Expert minor buffs...

    Nexon's pushing even further for Trinity over Soul Seeker. Too bad Soul Seeker still has the added bonus of not being affected by DR.

    Supernova buff and Star Gazer delay decrease is nice, I guess.

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    Default Re: KMST 1.2.10 - Skill Changes

    Dark Light Mastery
    Changed - time (5 --> 7)
    lol, wow, thanks nexon -_-.
    At least they knew how to handle dark crescendo, that was needed, and the buffing time is cut by half now which is great.
    Lumi's now officially a tank mage, and I am not happy about that Armageddon change, Nor about that cooldown on shining redemption which is bullpomegranate, I don't wanna die at Magnus, nexon pls.
    Call me crazy but this feels like a "nerfing patch" rather than anything else, Even DA got "nerfed", It has worse mobbing than ever now, this powershift on every class is weird, makes me wonder if 5th job is close, heck dispell has cooldown now, nearly everything has a cooldown (The volume of skills with cooldowns went up by tenfold with this patch) now, what are they trying to achieve lol.

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    Hopefully they don't keep all of these changes.

  14. Lead Ball
    IGN: Watt
    Server: 루na
    Level: 240
    Job: Hero
    Guild: 깜찍
    Alliance: 깜찍qkff
    Farm: 에디

    Default Re: KMST 1.2.10 - Skill Changes

    I just realized
    "Xenon does not have any of the issues we are targeting with this skill balancing so no direct damage changes were made. We did change some skills to fix inconveniences."
    Xenon has plenty of issues, why are they fixing only inconveniences, I really have no clue what they are trying to achieve here, it's all a mystery.

    I really hate how they just benched Cygnus', Overall they are just a mediocore class hiding behind that emental expert which gave them something (Besides NW), First they made soul master less useful for parties, Flame Wizard which nobody plays anymore due to how crappy it is, has been benched beyond belief "Flame Wizard’s high attack speed and range combined with the effects of Elemental Expert gave them tons of damage.", O RLY DO YOU EVEN PLAY YOUR STINKING GAME? "Fires of Creation, Gives .... Elemental Resistance of enemies hit with [Ignition]: -100%, Party members will get 10% of the effect"!
    Then they "compensate" Wind breaker by giving it 35% Boss damage, when the issue with the class is very simple, LACK OF PDR.
    Hell even some NW changes are not fair.

    Do they have a clue on what they are doing, or is it a preparation for 5th job, either way it's most likely that the feedback is going to be negative, besides couple of classes that can rejoice I suppose, o wait they benched some strong points they had as well oh well, but hey they nerfed WH quite a bit and zero too, so we can all be happy about our still mediocore classes right?

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    These inexcusable Paladin nerfs make this the absolute worst patch in maplestory history. The sheer stupidity of it defies all logic and reason. in the very slight chance that this stays i would actually have to do the unthinkable and actually quit my one and only sole main and single favorite char of the past 10 years. What they need to do is follow Neople's example and make Paladin just like the Asura from Dungeon Fighter Online. Asura is the perfect example of what Paladin should be in maple, an elemental swordsman done right.

  16. Default Re: KMST 1.2.10 - Skill Changes

    y'all might be pissed off and all, but these pink bean changes made me salty

    i main pink bean and im pissed

  17. Default Re: KMST 1.2.10 - Skill Changes

    Teaser for the new job :)

  18. Default Re: KMST 1.2.10 - Skill Changes

    I'm honestly not sure anymore... The buff delays being decreased seemed like the only upside of the patch. I was pretty disappointed when I initially glanced over the other values.

    Redemption wasn't god tier to begin with, but highly useful as a self heal at bosses in my opinion. I feel they should have increased the cast speed(faster) for it, and fix the hitbox on the heal? Sometimes it doesn't seem to work even when others are in range.

    Cygnus classes got nerfed across the board. 10% WA/MA doesn't compensate for 50% Elemental Ignore(effectively increasing damage from -50% to -25%)

    Xenon... Uh... "Changed - powerCon", this is a joke. That was never significant enough to be a problem EVER. Combat switch needs an increase in cast speed(faster), not an extra hit. Pinpoint Salvo.. does anyone actually use this?!



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