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  1. Cash4 Nexon Is Giving Away Millions Of Mesos A Day! :D

    I'm not sure if this was intentional buuuuuut...

    Basically around 3 million mesos worth of tradeable, sellable drops from Black Bean.

    Which is basically a level 70 "boss" that can be wiped out with even the weakest of mules... with five runs per mule allowed.

    So if you have say... twenty mules that are at least level 120... you can rack up over 50 million mesos a day in no time flat... I mean, seriously, it takes all of like 3 seconds to kill this thing. And your main can likely kill it in one hit.

    This goes on till the 23rd too, so you can basically rack up around a billion mesos this month with twenty low level mules. ಠ_ಠ

    ...well, presuming they don't nerf it that is. They may have intended to make those drops untradeable.

    That's just using a spider though, using greed pendants too you probably get more, plus that's not counting the money bags he drops, which I think is like at least 50k per run, so a quarter mill for five runs.

    This is mostly beneficial if you don't have a "god level" character. I mean, if you do, then obviously you could do things like CRA and such (although a lot of those equips have become nearly worthless) but for most players in general this is an extremely fast/easy way to make a whole horde of money. Potentially even more profitable than Commerci voyages (although you have to be like level 160 for that). This you can do with sub level 100 players. Oh and it gives a bunch of experience too! Well, a "bunch" if you're below level 150 anyway.

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    I was going to make some snarky comment about cRA drops but then I realized I am in fact dirt poor tyvm take this high quality pineapple you've earnt it m8

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    Default Re: Nexon Is Giving Away Millions Of Mesos A Day! :D

    great, you actually gave me a reason to DL this godforsaken game, i hope you're happy.

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    Default Re: Nexon Is Giving Away Millions Of Mesos A Day! :D

    This is exactly what MS needed, A crapload of mesos to futher "improve" the economy.

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    Before I clicked this thread I had, judging by the title, highly expected it to contain a link to a phishing site (made to look like from like 2008. I had this quasi-witty response in my head, something to the tune of "lol millions isn't even worth anything anymore".

    My dreams have been crushed. Shattered. But at least I can log on to farm piles and piles of consumables off some wacky event.

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    Default Re: Nexon Is Giving Away Millions Of Mesos A Day! :D

    drop rate doesn't seem to affect the amount of potions dropped. i still got the same amount as u (3mil worth of pots) when i am on wolf + 70% item drop from equips and 18% item drop from inner pot.

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    Yeah the potion stuff seems pretty consistent regardless of drop rate increasers... buuuut, they do affect the equips that drop. Which, yeah, on the surface they look pretty lame, but you should check the potentials. I've already gotten several with some VERY nice potentials, one even with epic potentials and 6% STR (a ring). The rings are generally the best, you can only carry one at at time per mule, but you can put as many as you like in storage. Obviously if you're really high leveled they're meaningless, but they're really good equips for mules and low level players and can be sold for 1 to 5 mill each real easy with the right potentials. There aren't many rings as low as level 70 that have potentials, usually just event stuff that's often completely untradeable.

    On the whole, if you're got a super powerful character you can still probably make more money in the drill halls using a bunch of drop rate increasers and just picking up meso bags from the mobs (and selling dropped equips to yourself via an Orchid android). I think I can usually rack up around 50 mill in 4 hours or so of grinding. But that requires a character that can one-shot the mobs, as well as a Kanna to increase the number of mobs... plus it's a lot more tedious/boring than killing black beans with dozens of mules.

    And, again, the experience gains are REALLY nice from BB for characters under level 150, so it's a good opportunity to level up some mules, at least to 120, for their link skills.

    Yeah I was trying to do a satirical spoof of that, was wondering if anyone would catch it. :D

    Well, actually... yeah, it really does. Mostly because star enhancement is a giant meso sink. I mean it used to be that you used enhancement scrolls... but not really any longer (except maybe multi-star ones). Now you use the equipment enhancement tool and dump hordes and hordes of mesos into it in order to get stars... so this event is actually pretty nice, especially for lower level players, kinda evens things out.

    The only good thing the old 1 star enhancement scrolls are good for is Tyrant equips, because they cost so much money... like 50 MILLION just for the first star! Same thing with Nova equips. One thing I like to do is use my dumpy coins from easy Magnus to buy some Nova equips and then I just "waste" the old enhancement scrolls. They usually blow up after the 3rd star, but at some point I'll likely get lucky and produce something semi-worthwhile (at least until I can get a pair of Tyrant shoes and put some stars on them).

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    Millions of mesos a day where billions are required to be successful.

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    Not really. The game is more play to win than pay to win at this point, largely with the introduction of Star Planet, Reward Points and the Rewards Shop. You can get a 1 hour 2x coupon every day from SP with only 45 minutes of effort (playing One Card), along with around a 1,000 RP. So then on weekends when they often do 2x events they stack and you can get hours and hours of 4x in order to power level super fast. And the points can be used to buy red and black cubes, protection scrolls, safety scrolls, pets, pet equips, water of life, pet snacks, etc, etc, etc. They also increased the drop rate of cubes from all the bosses as well as made most of the bosses MUCH easier, especially the "easy" and "normal" modes. And you also get RP from killing bosses.

    So no, you really don't need "billions". In fact the price of most Fafnir equips has dropped drastically in the past year. Warrior set is the most expensive and you can get the top for around 15 mill, the helmet, sword and bottom for around 200 mill or so (for clean ones). There's likewise level 140 equip sets now which drop all over the place which have very nice stats. Gollux stuff you can likewise get mostly for free just by playing; other than the higher level pendants and belts. You can easily get a full Gollux ring set with just a twenty minutes of effort a day over the course of a few months.

    At this point you only need "billions" if you want custom, fringe, off the wall equips. Like a Lightning God ring... it's not any better really than Gollux, but it's worth billions simply because it's incredibly rare. Likewise certain Cash Shop equips are worth "billions", but mostly incredibly rare stuff like Sword Art Online equips, hairstyles and such.

    So basically certain aesthetics in the game are still incredibly hard to get... but they're not actually needed at all in order to play the game.

    You can easily reach the 500k range with about a year of effort if you start out fresh with nothing, playing for at least a few hours on a regular basis... and that's more than enough to wipe the freakin floor with almost every "easy" and "normal" boss presently in the game... playing solo. Only the "chaos" bosses really present any kind of uber challenge... and they're not actually necessary for... well, anything really. I mean, there's no story parts or anything you're missing.

    For all regular quests, Friend Story, the library stories, and all the other story arcs... you honestly don't need to be even remotely "godly" as far as equips... the dumpiest of equips with around 3% potentials in your main stat will be MORE than enough to handle all those.

    The only point or purpose to even try and get over 500k range is simply bragging rights, same with leveling past 210 (and there are only a few link skills that even require that to max out).

    I think most people like yourself either haven't played the game much at all in the past two or three years... or you just hang out in Henesys all day long and don't actually play... at all. ಠ_ಠ

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    Default Re: Nexon Is Giving Away Millions Of Mesos A Day! :D

    i dunno man, the amount of cubing required is still overkill to get anything remotely relevant, and what do you wear in the other 2 ring slots besides superior and engraved gollux?

  11. Default Re: Nexon Is Giving Away Millions Of Mesos A Day! :D

    Orrrr you just simply see end game content as optional, and nothing more. Which is kind of a bad mentality to have. If you want to experience eeeeverything in maplestory, you have to shell out if you don't want it to take 3 or 4 years of playing every single day. It's unreasonable. Things are better, yes, but not fixed. Not by a long shot, and they never will be.

    On a different note, this little money making schemo is pretty pomegranatety for the already pomegranatety economy. Last thing it needs is billions more mesos being generated by the populace every single day. Enjoy your inflation, folks!

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    Because max level is at all relevant at this point. Also if I recall the rewards system is pretty limited, as other players were frothing about it until I gave them reality lol.

    Clean equips were always easy to get, it's the cubing, scrolling and the attachments that made the cost. You certainly weren't paying 300-600 dollars for clean equips. I mean seriously, go look up any website that sells equipment, prices have barely changed regarding good gear.

    Pretty sure the new top tier bosses are BASED off that sh`it, they always have been, focusing on the top, well, 10-15%-tile.

    You mean like..I don't know, chairs were back in 2009-2011? You act like things have changed, your perspective is limited because of your position in those time periods.

    You used to play maplestory to experience content with friends, then NX became a necessity, so everyones goal was to become self sustaining using the game. Chaos bosses used to drop equipment that was..chaos tier pretty much, now what you're telling me is all those bosses are useless? So even the end-game has become insignificant? With the population dead, there isn't a market even for the clean gear so I guess the only purpose is to, well, enjoy yourself.

    Why do you think the story arc's are so relevant? They literally FEED you the equipment to get through those arc's, those are hardly an accomplishment.

    Efficiency for self sustaining service. That's the reason people get high stats, the highest actually, so they can do the NEXT big boss and be on the forefront, by themselves to maximize profit. Also level 180+ was worthless back in my game time as your relevant skills were maxed out (Well depends on class, but for the dark knight, after 180 you were pretty much just rounding gimmicks off)

    You're right, I dropped the game because I recognized it was dead, that the population was gone and most people have or were moving on. Now if you want me to bring people into this thread who play actively everyday and are in the top 1%, by all means they can repeat what I have said. You cling on this first hand experience as if you have to play to understand how the game works.

    I'll just say this much, 10b mesos is $10, how many days do you think it would take me to make 10b? I can tell you on my salary it probably take me 20 minutes.

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    I'm just using cracked and solid Gollux rings in the other 2. That's the thing, my range is over 500k now unbuffed and... quite a few of my equips aren't that spectacular. I mean, I still have my level 115 Mystic Eye Accessory from Silent Crusade... granted it has 9% STR in potentials on it, but still, there are MUCH better eye accessories. Still got a pair of Revolution gloves, a generic level 140 set of boots (with 6% STR). Honestly the only real super expensive equips I even have are my Tyrant cape, Superior Gollux belt and pendant... and I don't even normally use the pendant because it makes me too over powered. And each of those wasn't even close to a billion mesos... in fact I think I got each one for around 500 mill... granted I had to be really patient to wait for those deals, but it was worth it.

    It takes a LOT of cubes if you want Legendary potentials... but you don't need Legendary potentials... at all. The only reason for those is if you want to try and do chaos bosses... and even then only if you want to do them solo. I mean I did Chaos Vellum with another person and even at only 500k range we were able to kill it... granted it took ten tries and nearly the full amount of time, but we were able to do it with sub-Godly range.

    If you get at least 6% in your main stat on all your equips and make it to at least level 200... yer gonna be able to easily wipe out any of the normal and easy bosses. The only bosses that haven't been nerfed yet are Arkarium and Empress... and eventually their easy modes will likely be nerfed as well. Granted there's newer, harder bosses coming out, like Princess No that came out last summer I think and there's the new Lotus boss. But older bosses are easy breezy now, you don't need much cubing at all.

    You can also get cubes via crafting and by digging up rare ores, so there's no shortage of cubes. Likewise you can use spell traces to get really decent stats. And they do "spell trace fever" events every so often which increase the chances of success. That coupled with the new star enhancement system... yeeeaaah... really doesn't take much effort to hit the 500k range. The Star Planet 2x stackable coupons likewise work for characters over level 200, which makes it pretty easy to reach at least 220. The 2x coupons you can buy in the Cash Shop likewise now work for characters over level 200.

    As far as the "economy" of Maplestory it's pretty stable, it's largely dictacted by Cash Shop equips, which fluctuate as they cycle through. Basically at certain times of the year certain CS equips are available through surprise boxes, so then there's a large surplus and the prices go down drastically, but then as the cycle progresses those equips drastically increase in price as they're not available again until another year or so.

    Everything else is largely a moot point. It's not the "old Maplestory" where the economy revolved quite a lot around Godly equips and such. Those are still available of course, but they're not the proverbial bread and butter of the game so to speak.

    Most Cash Shop equips, when readily available through surprise boxes, are anywhere from 10 to 50 mill on average. Once they cycle out they then progressively increase to 50 mill to 200 mill on average, with some more sought after equips spiking into the 500 mill to 1 bill range. Only incredibly rare event stuff like the Sword Art Online and Attack On Titan equips really wind up toppling over the 1 billion range.

    All in all the economy of the game is pretty nice... not perfect, but it's pretty enjoyable.

    Which would be fine if there were only 20 different Cash Shop equips to collect... but uh... there's hundreds and hundreds of them now. Collectively it would likely cost you TRILLIONS of mesos. If you want to "dress up" all your mules and androids then the game becomes "Pay To... uh... Accessorize", but it's not "Pay To Win".

    And, again, you only need super Godly equips if you want to SOLO those new and upcoming bosses. Sub-Godly level equips and a party will do you just fine.

    And story is actually pretty important... I mean... unless you just want a pointless exercise in OCD enablement. I can't imagine anyone in their right mind would want to play Maplestory to try and become "Godly" for the sake of bragging rights... I mean... it's basically a cutesy little children's game. It's fun... it is fun... the story arcs are a large part of WHY it's so fun. The library story arcs are some of the best, especially the story of how the Black Mage came to be. The new Black Heaven story arc is likewise loads of fun, especially the new side scrolling shooter part. :D

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    You're delusional. You're trying to explain half truths and come up with excuses to fabricate an unnatural reality, the thing is most of your arguments are pretty piss poor to begin with. I don't think ANY player would spend trillions just to get cash shop gear, that isn't the money CRUNCHER. Hell who even COLLECTS cash shop gear? That was NEVER a thing. But this has and always will be;

    That's on the windia server, now while you try to whine to me that I don't need this gear as I can just 'run' with other people, the other servers besides Windia, Scania, Bera and maybe Broa, are so dead there AREN'T people to run with. The reason people GO these lengths is so they AREN'T dependent on groups to enjoy content.

    EDIT: That is also short of 5 grand, which could buy me...5 trillion meso's.

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    Not to mention your whole economy being fine argument is incredibly flawed. You're acknowledging that an economy is run by a secondary currency, NXcash. CS equips should NOT be the primary flow of an mmo's economy. That's god damn absurd.

    You are looking at this from your own perspective, how things affect you, and nothing more. You seriously don't recognize and realize how low the game is at this point? I almost pity you.

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    It's apparent to me that you simply want to argue... you don't actually have any particular point and you continually sidestep around the room just so you can continually have something to bellyache about.

    If you want "legendary" equips for the sake of... honestly I have no idea... well, that's great... you can pay for them if you like, if for some reason you absolutely ~have~ to have them in the next five minutes... again for... what I have no idea (you haven't really explained that at all)... or you can play the game for a few years and eventually get legendary potentials as well... again for... uh... the thing you haven't bothered to explain... non-existent new bosses that will require Godly equips to solo?


    Whatever man. If you want to pay for junk, go right on ahead, no one is stopping you... what you think it's going to be useful for I have no idea (I don't think you do either), but uh... again, ~whatever~...


    Maybe you could try arguing with yourself I guess. Your largest complaint seems to be about the number of people, but with the new world merge coming up... I don't see how that's even an issue anymore. Thankfully they aren't merging anything with Windia or Scania... both of which are actually OVER CROWDED... especially on weekends. It's annoying having to shift through channels just to fight some particular boss or having to fight over space in the drill halls during 2x. I think the game could actually do with LESS people... at least in Windia and Scania.

    Maplestory... SERIOUS BUSINESS! :D


    *shakes head*

    You're right, I don't recognize your imaginary "problems" because I ENJOY PLAYING THE GAME... I dunno man, you seem to be like that other guy, like you just gotta have a problem... somewhere... with something... you can't really explain it and you can't really justify why it's even remotely relevant or important... but you certainly do have one... sucks to be you I guess! ^__^

  17. Default Re: Nexon Is Giving Away Millions Of Mesos A Day! :D

    That sounds like a sentence comprehension issue that you're having. The point I clearly convey is that your arguments don't actually affect the pay to win to a degree that is at all recognizable.

    I'll quote you;

    And I will quote myself which explains the reason why people invest into godly equips and why your excuse is not an argument;

    You're clearly so upset that you aren't reading the posts and that picture triggered you haha.


    The sad part is you explain you position by explaining you have to play maplestory a few hours a day for an entire year. That's a part time job, a chore, you're playing to struggle to become decent enough to take a maximized party of equally dedicated players to accomplish something I could write a check out for. It be different if there wasn't an elevator to accelerate your progress from a year to a mere week, that's where the balance falls off. There are many games where months of effort of dedicated playtime will make you at least comparable to even the highest of spenders, certainly not equal but you both could enjoy the same content. Maplestory hasn't been like that since the release of pink bean really.

    Your arguments fall flat because there ARENT people to play with. And pft, you're arguing with data that is showing a 75% drop in the population throughout ALL servers in the last 2 years. You think it's crowded now? That's how EVERY server well, at least the 6 used to be. There are economical consequences to world merging too, such as inflation and disadvantages to the lower popular servers that are migrating. I have to ask how old are you because I mean, it seems you have this binocular vision of trees but can't see past the forest.

    If you want more evidence the game is on it's last leg, just go look at every maplestory support forum, there isn't anything left to talk about, activity has plummited, but I guess you had to play when it was actually popular.

  18. Default Re: Nexon Is Giving Away Millions Of Mesos A Day! :D

    I'll just take this as you simply conceding then, since you provided absolutely no counter argument to what I said and resorted to childish dribble. Good day, sir.

  19. Default Re: Nexon Is Giving Away Millions Of Mesos A Day! :D

    It is pretty sad how a simple help thread gets turned into a mess because people want to be hard headed.

    I just want to thank the OP for bring this to light for those who didn't know about it.

  20. Default Re: Nexon Is Giving Away Millions Of Mesos A Day! :D

    Yes, thank the OP for another economy crippling meso generator. Great idea. Helpful stuff is fine, I'm not discrediting him/her for that at all. Really, thank you for your attempts at giving people a hand, Krysti. But this stuff does more harm than good.



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