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    The goal of this thread is to help organize groups so we can run dailies efficiently and timely. It is quite annoying to wait around for a quick party and have them quit after one run, or linger around dungeon entrances waiting for a party to arise. Furthermore, with this thread we can develop a stronger knowledge of our player's availability, which will be much needed come Otherverse dungeons. I am hopeful that with this we can develop structured and periodic runs for these quests.


    Just in case you didn't know, dailies right now give Nihilistic Demon Stone Fragments and Primordial Cubes as rewards, the fragments have many different uses in upper level content while the cubes can be traded in for cube bags at Melvin Richter. I'm going to compile a list of all the daily quests in Empyrean and Suju, and Miscellaneous. Once we get further areas the intention is the update the list. Anything requiring a party will be highlighted in blue, and anything requiring a general quest completion to be unlocked will be highlighted in red.




    Campaign Formation

    How can we accomplish this? Essentially, post the character you'd like to run dailies on, level, and class. With that, include an "up to XXX dungeon/quest." Lastly, include your optimal times to run these dailies with days of the week and times in UTC. I recommend using UTC times because that is what the game clock goes off of, and we can cut down on any time zone confusion.

    Here's an Example;

    Once a lot of people's availability is posted, and with ample interest, we can come up with a spreadsheet of times for everyone to see and form parties. Given time and patient that is!

    Useful Links
    UTC Converter

    Any help will be appreciated, any criticism and suggestions will be taken constructively. This will be a major WIP for a while it seems, so expect some error.

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    I'll start us off!

    Hoping to run dailies with my EK; currently level 67 but I intend on capping her if not parking her at 70.
    Name: Surrealisma
    Class: EK
    Level: 67 (tentative)
    Dungeons Wanted: Up to Westbound
    Availability: Free Sundays, Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 4PM UTC - 9PM UTC, Saturdays after 1AM UTC. Dependent on work schedule, but this should be fairly consistent.

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    Character: Zadine
    Class: F. Ranger
    Level: 85
    Dungeons Wanted: Ghent-Oceanic dailies
    Availability: Random, but I'm on pretty frqeuently. Ask if John is on; I have 5 characters that can do Nihilistic dailies, so if you need them too, I will absolutely do them.



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