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Thread: [Update KMS] Patch Available - KMST 1.2.10

  1. Default Patch Available - KMST 1.2.10

    Nexon posted a patch for KMST version 1009 upgrade to version 1010.
    You may download this patch from their official site and begin creating your pre-patcher now.
    Extractions and database updates will be forthcoming (if supported)!

    Size: 71619626 (bytes) (68.30 mb)

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  2. Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.10

    First of the balancing that they said?

  3. Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.10

    Kinda smallish?

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    Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.10

    Paladin, Arch Mage (F/P), Bishop, Soul Master/Dawn Warrior, Flame Wizard/Blaze Wizard, Wind Breaker/Wind Archer, Night Walker, Striker/Thunder Breaker, Aran, Evan, Mercedes, Phantom, Eunwol, Luminous, Demon Slayer, Demon Avenger, Battle Mage, Wild Hunter, Mechanic, Xenon, Kaiser, Angelic Buster and Zero received changes.

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    Hope Aran gets some good, not likely though.

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    Someone please Translate the Paladin Changes, google sucks.


    팔라딘은 엘리멘탈 차지를 모은 후 강력한 블래스트를 사용하고 버프를 얻는 것이 현재 전투 패턴이나

    블래스트 사용 시 엘리멘탈 차지로 얻은 버프가 사라지기 때문에 블래스트 사용에 거부감이 들 수 있었습니다.

    블래스트를 사용하는 패턴을 활성화 시키기 위해 엘리멘탈 차지를 소모하지 않게 하는 대신 재사용 대기시간을

    추가하고 데미지를 증가시켰습니다. 또한 직업간 밸런싱 목표에 따라 지나치게 높은 유틸리티 능력을 하향하고

    둔기를 사용했을 때 추가 효과를 받게 수정하였습니다.

    [웨폰 부스터] : 시전 딜레이가 감소되었습니다.

    [리스토네이션] : 재사용 시 효율 감소량이 증가되었습니다.

    [컴뱃 오더스] : 지속시간이 증가되었고 시전 딜레이가 감소되었습니다.

    [블래스트] : 사용 시 엘리멘탈 차지를 소모하지 않게 되었고 데미지가 증가되었습니다. 버프 지속시간이

    감소되었고 재사용 대기시간이 추가되었습니다.

    [팔라딘 엑스퍼트] : 둔기 사용 시 방어무시 비율 증가량이 증가되었고 크리티컬 최대 데미지가

    추가로 증가하게 되었습니다.

    [가디언 스피릿] : 부활 후 무적시간이 감소되었습니다.

    [엘리멘탈 포스] : 컴뱃 오더스 효과가 적용되게 변경 되었습니다. 지속시간이 증가되었고

    시전 딜레이가 감소되었습니다.

    [스마이트] : 다른 행동불가 스킬과 저항을 공유하게 되었습니다.

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    That is a little bit interesting. Are the other classes "fine as they are"? This does not appear to be a piece meal thing since it is more than half, not separated by the five general groupings and pretty much everyone except a handful of Adventurers.

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    According to Google Translate:

    Booster: Cast Delay reduced
    Blast: No longer consumes Charges, buff duration has increased
    HP Recovery: Healing % has been increased?
    Combat Orders: Duration increased and Cast Delay reduced?
    Mastery: Blunt Weapons will additionally increase max critical damage?
    Guardian: Invinciblity duration is decreased
    Void Elemental: Duration increased, delay is decreased amd it's now affected by Combat Orders

    Can't understand Smite. I tried.

  9. Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.10

    Considering vanilla res is useless in bosses with a death counter, why would they nerf Guardian's only tangible benefit? :<

  10. Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.10

    Can someone post the notes?

  11. Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.10

    Wind Archer, eh?
    Pleaseletusmovewithsongofheavenpleaseletusmovewith songofheavenpleaseletusmovewithsongofheaven

  12. Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.10

    There are a lot of damage reductions in what the DPS chart indicate as the top tier characters. How much, I do not know, but the most prevalent themes here are buff duration reductions, buff cast time reductions, the aforementioned damage reductions and related cooldown increases. It looks like Illusion is finally getting more lines and the awful Evan Maple Warrior might get a fix. Notice: I do not read Korean.

    Notes HERE, I am not going to copy paste since it might be frowned upon.

  13. Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.10

    Seems like most of everyone got nerfed lol. Then again this is the google translate so I guess we'll find out

  14. Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.10

    From what I've seen, doesn't look like Song of Heaven has mobility.
    Because that would be fair, we can't have that.

  15. Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.10

    Doesnt SoH have instant firing time? Unlike other hurricane skills which have a slight delay before starting to actually pew pew arrows? My WA buddy just taps her SoH key if she wants to move with it.

  16. Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.10

    In plenty of cases, mobile SoH would be more useful. It's the only hurricane skill without mobility at this point (Kanna + Hayato just got it in JMS). Plus, I think Jett and Xenon have instant firing too, may be wrong on that.

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    Void Elemental having CO boost is a big boon for many. It IS a passive so those with +1passiveskills IA would be exceedingly happy.

    Buffing skills with long delays is next to nonsensical, so those reductions in delays are always welcome.

    I think that the Smite change refers to it no longer sharing any debuff tiers with other skills? What does it currently share debuff tier with?


  18. Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.10

    Marksman not touched again. How surprising.

  19. Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.10

    Why do they keep nerfing weak classes and buffing the strong ones I don't understand.......

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    Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.10

    With Xenon.

    Well argh, useless buffs, kinda.
    [샤인 리뎀션] : 재사용 대기시간이 추가되었습니다. Nerfing my op heal at magnus, bastards, this is just dumb.
    [다크라이트 마스터리] : 이퀄리브리엄 지속시간 증가량이 증가되었습니다. More equilibrium which is great.
    [다크 크레센도] : 중첩 당 데미지 증가량이 증가되었고 최대 중첩 수와 시전 딜레이가 감소되었습니다. More damage and stuff...
    But where the hell are those LR and apocalypse skill delay reductions....
    Why does Luminous always get shafted when it comes to buffs, Yeah I hate the delay on stuff, yet I don't care nor should anyone, this is a joke besides the Equilibrium duration buffs.
    Buffing isn't that much of a nuisance, especially when your job is known as an goddamn "Glitchnous" (FOR A GOOD REASON SADLY) In the korean community, And where's (SERIOUSLY) that LR and Apocalypse delay change, this is a quality of life improvement, not a revamp, Luminous will still be known for its non fluid gameplay, for the most part.

    I'd rather have the same Luminous with the good shining redemption over this, honestly... just don't change anything nexon... I just wanted lower skill delays... not BUFF delays... all Luminous needs is booster and darkness sorcery with some anti magic shield and nice good ol' DC, it's a great change but argh whatever, pineapple that shining redemption nerf, way to "revamp" the faults, or should I say nerf other classes so Luminous would be better lol and this is coming from a luminous main for 3 years (nearly) now, Buffing was always pomegranate but you get used to it, if Equilibrium doesn't gain extra 10 seconds this isn't that much of QoL either.

    Also did they just nerf Eunwol and FW??????????????????

    This is a new level of insulting, they didn't even bother with SM, talked about the issues, destroyed some things unrelated to those issues e.g some strengths, and ignored the issues, I... have no words, unless [솔루나 타임] : 시전 딜레이가 삭제되었습니다 means they've fixed the stance delay or maybe it's just the buff delay... hopefully it's the first one, that's the worst thing about SM.

    Hopefully they'll step thier game up, this isn't looking good, just buncha nerfs for popular classes and QoL buffs for underrated classes.
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