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Thread: E3 2015

  1. Default E3 2015

    Didn't see a thread, so I'm making one.
    Here's what to look forward to; not all of it is confirmed and there are more of these images floating around for the other conferences, but these 3 are the most promising so they are the only ones I saved when I found them. If I find the others again I'll post them then, but I don't know who made these.



    and the most impressive by far (in my opinion), Square Enix

  2. Default Re: E3 2015

    dotHack would be amazing, but I'm wary of it since //Versus and //Link are never making it to the West.
    Hope we finally get a damn release date for Xenoblade X.

  3. Default Re: E3 2015

    I'm not expecting anything too good from Nintendo this year. They're not showing off Zelda, as they've already said, and the chance that they'll announce a new Metroid is... well... We just know they're not going to.

  4. Default Re: E3 2015

    Yeah, but it's still better than the others I saw; EA/ubisoft/bethesda all were mainly crappy war shootan games as usual, and I'm not too excited about FO4 given their track record with how buggy games are, especially ones with new engines like that one seems to be using.

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    Default Re: E3 2015

    So many games I need to get. Xcom 2, Fallout 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns, Kingdom Hearts 3...this is a great time to be alive.

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    Default Re: E3 2015

    Square Enix in a nutshell: "PUREASE BE EXCITE"
    With FF XV, KH III, and a new Deus Ex, I'll admit, I am kinda excited for once.

    Nothing excites me too much from Nintendo except for Xenoblade Chronicles X localization news. Though I would like to see another Paper Mario game that goes back to the old school RPG format.

    XCOM 2 also looks nice, especially with mod support. L> Long War 2 Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    Default Re: E3 2015

    Halo 5 and Star Wars Battlefront will be BIG for me. I am also expecting an Arkham Collection to be announced.

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    >New engine
    Don't kid yourself, it's almost certainly just gamebryo with yet another layer of paint and duct tape ontop

    I'm not excited for fallout 4 until bethesda proves that it's worth being excited over through things such as:

    Proving that they've improved at making choices actually matter
    Proving that they've improved at creating interesting factions
    Proving that they wont create a story so pomegranate it's retconned by DLC (Lol FO3)

    I mean from the trailer they've proven that they for some reason still insist that plants can't grow normally anymore, lol


    Also inb4 they butcher the UI because consoles like they did skyrim.

    Call me a pessimist but i don't trust bethesda with fallout, not after 3.
    Fallout 3 was a fine game on its own but it disappointed be as far as fallout games go :( It didn't feel like fallout.

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    Isn't Nintendo doing a special Direct again this year? I can't wait to see them explain what the pineapple is happening with SMT x FE.

    At least I can (hopefully) look forward to more Fire Emblem if details. Should definitely get a release date for the West and preorder bonuses, if any. And hopefully they remember that they said the Western release wouldn't go the retarded, "Buy the game again at a discounted price to experience the full story!" route that Japan is doing.

    And Type-0 HD on PC? Hallelujah, I can finally play the damn game without shelling ~$400.

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    Default Re: E3 2015

    my thoughts about the ones having a conference:

    Bethesda: Besides FO4, theres the other possiblity that Dishonored 2 may be a show
    Microsoft: TBH, I just hope microsoft has something in store that I dont know about.
    EA: Sports jazz and battlefront stuff.
    Ubisoft: outright refusing to watch this one
    Sony: Similar to microsoft
    Nintendo: Titles this year arent going to be as big as last years. I'm obviously expecting a date for the western release of Xenoblade Chronicles X
    Square Enix: I hope its not only focused on the eastern branch, as I want to see more Just Cause 3(avalanche) and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided(Eidos) but realistically be mentioned int he pc conference due to AMD
    PC Gaming Show(AMD/PC Gamer Sponsored): The one im MOST curios in, as the following will be there(not necessarily at the conference itself, but present at event)

    • AMD
    • ARENANET(Guild Wars)
    • CCP GAMES(Eve Online)
    • CLOUD IMPERIUM GAMES(Star Citizen)

    • CREATIVE ASSEMBLY(Total War, Alien Isolation)
    • DEAN HALL(DayZ)
    • DEVOLVER(Publisher for Serious Sam, Hotline Miami)
    • FULLBRIGHT(Gone Home)
    • HEART MACHINE(a game itself)
    • NEXON if i have to explain this, you're on the wrong site

    • PARADOX INTERACTIVE(Europa, Crusader Kings II)
    • PIXEL TITANS(Strafe)
    • SCS SOFTWARE(______ Simulator)
    • SPLASH DAMAGE(A company with ups and downs)
    • SQUARE ENIX(they have their own conference, but this will most liekly be Deus Ex and all the AMD sponsored stuff in the game and DX12 and pomegranate)

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    Nintendo might also have something to go about Monster Hunter and it's various spinoffs that were announced in the last six months, although those aren't even out in Japan yet so I don't expect much (since they never reveal anything in the US before Japan when it comes to that franchise).

    A new's just not going to happen. If by some twist of fate it does, it won't be what we hope for at all. The franchise is basically dead by the way Nintendo has treated it.

    A new SaGa game is interesting, but we didn't get either DS remake so I don't expect us to get a new game either.

    Couldn't care less about anything Bethesda announces, because the release product will be a new definition of shoddy QC work no matter what it is.

    I'm intrigued by the new Star Ocean game definitely, but Final Fantasy Explorers was not very compelling when I checked out the JP demo, and Dragon Quest Heroes doesn't interest me personally because I don't have a PS4 (plus I have the PS3 JP version so....yeah). It's definitely a fun game though a bit short.

    Speaking of Dragon Quest, I don't expect anything else in regards to that franchise but I always remain hopeful for more information on DQXI.

    I'm definitely interested in anything in the .hack or Ni no Kuni universes though.

    Overall, I'm iffy on this E3. There's certainly interesting possibilities but most of the time I leave these disappointed so I don't keep my expectations high.

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    @Nintendo, I'm excited to see more details for Mario Maker. Paper Mario, Star Fox, and Metroid are all things I'd LIKE to be excited for, but I'll remain skeptical until the presentation. Skepticism levels for Animal Crossing and Pokemon are off the charts.

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    still waiting for nintendo to make my dream of a peach, daisy & rosalina rpg come true

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    Default Re: E3 2015

    Microsoft just confirmed that it also will partake in the PC Gaming Show despite having its own conference as well

  15. Default Re: E3 2015

    This would be most interesting, especially if, imo, they made it kind of like partners in time ( something like rosalina and luma, and peach and daisy pairings).

    I know its foolish to hope for a shiny new Metroid, but a part of me just cant let it go, and even though I'm still a bit iffy on the art direction, anything FE is going in my game library.

    I sincerely hope that KHIII is legit. Literally the ONLY reason I got a PS3 was because, like most people, I was fooled into thinking we would get an installment on that platform... I'm still a loyal fan so I continued that trend and bought a PS4.

    TBH I'm not even sure how to feel about anything Pokemon right now, something has changed about it that I cant quite figure out, but its just different.

  16. Default Re: E3 2015

    Okay, well... Nintendo just got another game appearing at E3.

    I'm not the biggest fan of this announcement, but I'll probably get it anyway. A release date should be announced at E3.

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    Default Re: E3 2015

    the Occulus Rift conference was really boring, and the audience was really silent =X. i love its design, i hate that its being tied to many other things(e.g xbone controller bundle)

    if anyone wants to play report cards this year, taking /v/s(?) report card


  18. Default Re: E3 2015

    XSeed has some games to showcase too. They all look pretty promising. I'm especially interested in PopoloCrois, since it's a jRPG mixed in with life sim elements. Trails is also a good series.
    - Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders From Planet Space (Vita -- Fall 2015)
    - Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair (PS4 -- Fall 2015)
    - Corpse Party: Blood Drive (Vita -- Fall 2015)
    - Return to PopoloCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale (3DS -- Winter 2015)
    - The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel (PS3, Vita -- Fall 2015)
    - Senran Kagura: Estival Versus (PS4, Vita -- Winter 2015)
    - Onechanbara Z2: Chaos (PS4 -- Summer 2015)
    - Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson (3DS -- Summer 2015)

  19. Default Re: E3 2015

    I pre-ordered Onechanbara since it's release is 6/30 according to GameStop in the US(7/1 or something in EU) and definitely will grab Senran Kagura on PS4 when its date is given. I wish I had a Vita already so I could try those others. ):

    Wonder if SE is going to f'ucking bring up a date for the FF7 port to PS4 at their conference, 'Spring/Q2' is just about over damn it. QQ
    I think this is the real first time I'm looking forward to E3, because I didn't have any consoles(or my own money to spend on games) for previous ones.

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    Default Re: E3 2015

    so nexon will be there? so I guess its going to be maplestory 2 debut outside korea? aside that I wish nexon could release maplestory 3ds



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