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  1. Default Summer Update Plan

    So, today a Developer's note related to summer update was posted at Korean MS website. The contents are as follow:
    The First part is character balancing.
    It includes the revamps which were promised last year, but were abandoned. So that means we are getting 35 class revamps which affect damage output and gameplay overall.
    The Second part is changes associated with equipment.
    They are still debating about Star Force, so this method is going to be changed in some way. The cost is going to be changed for sure.
    The Third part is experience and growth changes.
    Includes various tweaks to experience and how your characters grow. Fun growth by leveling up is the main aim.
    The Fourth and the final part is a new job.
    New concept and style of play will be there for a new job as well as enhanced graphics. Pretty much what we experinced with Zero class, huh?

    All the parts are to be released soon in the test server. How do you like it?

  2. Default Re: Summer Update Plan

    I hope they don't ruin Star Force. I'm not that worried, though!

    First new job in a while, as well.

    Edit: Oh, I wonder if the new job is Orchid.

  3. Default Re: Summer Update Plan

    I am hoping for a new Nova class or perhaps a new cygnus knight instructor would be good to have some back story on them

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    Default Re: Summer Update Plan

    oh hey, that time of the year where characters get rebalanced all over again.

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    Default Re: Summer Update Plan

    It better not be another god damned warrior or mage.

    New Archer 2015 pls.

  6. Default Re: Summer Update Plan

    inb4 the "new job" is just making pink bean permanent

  7. Default Re: Summer Update Plan

    All I wanna see is a link skill rework, getting rid of the limitations, and embracing Maplestory in a new unique way. Each character in your account supports each other in new ways. Like link skills shared on all the world/account, and more growth on other characters the more you level up your account, one character at a time. Recovers the sensation of growth that Maplestory used to have when you had levels, with some added variety both of skills and hunting ground levels, and feeling of acomplishment.

    With so many jobs, is the only natural path to follow. Link skill limit is like shooting your own leg, game design-wise... Specially when you have the broken potential system that already exists.

  8. Default Re: Summer Update Plan

    Well I wonder what they'll do with bowmen this time around.. Moving wind archers? Nerfed wild hunters?

  9. Default Re: Summer Update Plan

    Gonna quote off of Max's blog.

    If this is essentially the same as Damage Analysis on DFO; this just can't come soon enough.

    As optimistic as I can be about this, experience from previous revamps just says not to get too hyped about it >.<. It would be nice to have skills for when you're 140+ though (and I don't mean Hypers/EXs).

    Here's hoping for quests that complements your leveling experience, and actually give a decent amount of EXP/reward. Quests currently feel as if they're either a hobby/side feature or an access requirement.

  10. Default Re: Summer Update Plan

    Talking about making classes more different:

    But I can't even remember the last time Nexon KR posted a job.

  11. Default Re: Summer Update Plan

    Am I being too greedy asking for the following QoL change?

    "rapidAttack" type skills no longer trigger reflect portion of damage reflects for x second(s) upon attacking a reflective target.

    In other words, Demon Slayer's Dark Metamorphosis - Enhance on skills such as Blade Dance and Hurricane etc; at a much lower duration of course, and without bypassing damage invulnerability.

    Because we all know there's that one lag spike that decides to show itself at the worst possible time resulting in a wipe.
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    Maybe bowmaster will finally be the only rapid fire class.

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    Default Re: Summer Update Plan

    This does not sound good at all.
    Nexon has never been good at balancing, and if they are trying to do it at the same time as changing skills (rather than just tweaking %'s and hitcounts on skills)...

    On the other hand, that tool for measuring a character's DPS sounds like a good idea. Depending on how extensively Nexon use(d) it in-house in their balancing effort, it might actually make this balancing patch a bit less of a farce than their usual ones. And of course it's useful for players to individually figure out their own best strategies for various situations.

    The new leveling experience... even Nexon sound dubious on how much we'll like it... so we will have to wait and see.

    New job? I can live without. I do hope they increase char slot and link skill cap for it, though.

  14. Default Re: Summer Update Plan

    It's certainly been a while since they've actually released a new class. (Pink Bean aside.)

    And yet, it feels like not that long ago, they were churning out new classes.....

  15. Default Re: Summer Update Plan

    Would it be beating a dead horse to mention 5th job, or was that horse already pounded into dust?

  16. Default Re: Summer Update Plan

    I bet it's just canned at this point

  17. Default Re: Summer Update Plan

    Yeah talk about peaking too soon, i hate when company's reveal stuff way too early. Perhaps this rebalance will get things in order for what they plan to do with 5th job. I guess we will see when it happens but i'm probably being way too optimistic. I'm not sure i can really hold on much longer for 5th job. I basically never play as it is.

    Then they release that new class that blows all the old ones away making that previous balancing irrelevant. The circle of (Mapelstory) Life

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    Default Re: Summer Update Plan

    *plays Circle of Life in background*

    This doesn't instill a great deal of confidence in me, it sounds like more class homogenization. but I'll give my thoughts on one class out of 35.

    For a class that was advertised as "The Ultimate support class" during RED, it sure is wonderful that well over half of a bishop's vaunted support skills are rendered useless / obsolete by current boss mechanics. Resurrection is obsolete when most bosses have death counters, Magic Shell is useless against %HP attacks, and I don't think anything needs to be said about heal and healing fountain.

    Perhaps it's too much to ask given the current state of the game and other game mechanic limitations, but I'd like to have some more party utility in bossing outside of pressing a party-auto res button every 3 minutes. Simply allowing Resurrection to bypass or restore Death Counter lives or letting HMS provide partial protection against %HP attacks would be great improvements.

    But in all reality, I expect the revamp will be more among the lines of: Angel Ray's damage lines increased from 8 to 10.

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    Default Re: Summer Update Plan

    Heal may be still useful with it's debuff in monster/bosses but not that much ;/, i remember my first class was a cleric because i could heal others, but i still think bishop is good with heavens door or dispel, even tought things like healing fountain are barely usefull in bosses, maybe even in party too(didn't level up a new bishop to test out), and the shield sometimes come in hand at least .

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    The best way to rebalance the classes is giving them things that they can share with other characters, but other characters can't get by themselves.

    Heal? Potions. Haste? Equipment easily reaches the cap. Rage? Potions. Sharp Eyes? Not that hard to get 100% rate. Revive? Most bosses let you revive inside without cost.

    The best way is to give enemies a lot of obstacles to overcome, but that with some people, you cover some of those obstacles easier. Like heal letting you get an overheal over your max health, letting you survive one hit KOs, while new true one hit KOs could still remain (deal 200% hp for example). Or reviving people actually helps by granting something more than coming back. Or haste also increasing max speed cap. Or attack buffs that inflict extra damage to particular monsters, on top of the attack buff.

    Something, whatever, that makes partying with people a strategy, instead of a chore.



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