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Thread: [Broa] Miss you villains

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    sitting here procrastinating on two papers i need to write, due tomorrow, and realized i miss this old game and my villains

    my first villains sig when everyone was still active

    i am ashamed of myself for not trying harder to get methods of contact from you before we all moved on.

    and ill throw this one in here just in case anyone from way back when remembers it

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    is that sid on the right he is the only 1 i was friends w/ in that guild when i played broa

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    So many familiar faces: Piggy, Leila, Kristy, B, Mikey, Derek the nub....... always the sweetest memories, sitting here and I feel angry with power of time, miss everything too, wish you success irl Derek <3.


    Still have many of those ss, scare to look at them anw f7, memories hurt sometime.



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