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  1. Smile [GMS] Paladin Videos

    ~Paladin of Light~

    Chaos Von Bon


    Chaos Vellum

    This run is nowhere near perfect - it's my first kill as a paladin. Also, this is my final video for my channel.

    Original song: The Greatest Show on Earth.

    I had to make the 24-minute song shorter just so it fits well in the video. The moment I heard this song two months ago, I knew I just had to make a video of it somehow. Huge credits and thanks to Nightwish for all their music.
    Thank you so much everyone for watching! It's unfortunate that the paladins might possibly have the nerf (and it actually completely ruined this thread I believe), but we'll see how the testing goes.
    Last edited by Ginji; 2015-06-05 at 06:30 AM. Reason: Added Chaos Von Bon and Chaos Vellum.

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    Looking forward to the rest of the Paladin series! :)

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    Thanks so much for your continued support, Elisa! I truly appreciate it!

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    Would highly recommend you build up charges (at least 1) as fast as possible after consuming them to buff Blast. Having charges in the upper right-hand corner allows you to negate 1hko attacks if at 100% HP, one of the best perks of being a Paladin ^_^

    Also, given your stats you should be able to cap Blast crits without the Blast buff, so you can choose to leave your stack of charges at 4 and boss/train without having to perpetually re-buff blast.

    Nice to see an excessively funded Paladin after the nerf!

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    Thanks so much for the tips, and for watching the video! All this time, I thought Achilles was the only thing preventing me from dying against 1HKO attacks.

    Also about the blast buff, I might actually still need that buff on the end game bosses since I don't have 100% crit chance. I haven't tested my damage on Chaos Vellum yet too. But for sure, your advice will be extremely useful when I do my daily bosses and training!

    Once again, thanks for watching! There's more to come!

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    Nightwish is my favorite European rock band. Their latest 2015 album really got me mind-blown; it was a masterpiece!

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    Agreed. Floor Jansen is like the best of both of Anette and Tarja.

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    Great video, also nice choice with Night wish

    The only thing i can say to help is that Empress has a genesis pattern, on how they fire upwards depending on how they show up on the screen, around 3:20 you could of stood right next to her if you followed the pattern(to the left of her) and could of attacked and gotten magic crash on her before she casted damage reflection.

    Thats really the only constructive criticism i can give. The video was great :D Nice to see more paladins around, as mentioned also keep at least some charges even after you buff blast so that you dont die to 1hit ko attacks.

    Divine shield also helps towards reducing % hp attacks when its activated.

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    Thanks so much! Any advice that will help me be a better paladin is truly appreciated! I've been a spearman/dark knight for 8+ years so it's really new to me.
    And yeah, around 3:20, I was thinking of equipping my drop% gears before I use magic crash, but then the entire run was going too fast, I never got track of the time.

    There's also going to be more Nightwish songs planned for the next videos. Hopefully most people will like it!

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    Updated. Added Chaos Pink Bean on first post.

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    Added Hell Mode Gollux.

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    Added Hard Mode Magnus.

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    Added Chaos Pierre. I had so much fun making this video because of the music!

    Three more videos to go.

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    Fitting choice of music. Speaking of Nightwish, I actually saw them live almost 2 months ago, and it was great.

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    Thanks so much! Man...wish I could go to their concert too. I want to see Floor sing The Greatest Show on Earth. It's my new favorite song after Ghost Love Score and I'm putting that song on my last video too.

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    Added Chaos Crimson Queen.

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    Added Chaos Von Bon and Chaos Vellum.

    I was planning to post them at a later time, but due to the events from the test server, I just kept asking myself, "what's the point?"

    Thanks so much for watching everyone! These were the last two videos I'll ever post. We'll see how the testing goes and hope for a better way for the adjustments that occurred.

  18. Lead Ball
    IGN: Watt
    Server: 루na
    Level: 235
    Job: Luminous
    Guild: 깜찍
    Alliance: 깜찍qkff
    Farm: 에디

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    Maybe you should practice soloing with Holy charge ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡).
    Anyways good run, and great new format, Last time I've been here it wasn't so swag.

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    Thanks for watching! Practicing with just holy charge is just easy - spamming one button. As mentioned, hopefully the changes aren't finalized. I also won't change back to DrK just yet, despite of these events.

    It was my last video, so I did the best I could!



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