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  1. Unhappy White Heaven: Kayla NPC Missing

    First and foremost, I'd like to apologize if this was somehow already submitted and I happen to miss it. Tried Googling and searching other forums for some help as well, but I wasn't fortunate in the matter.

    So upon finally having the time to do White Heaven quests, I begin to start it from the very beginning, but do not see Kayla the Fairy once I am on White Heaven in the map called "Above Deck". After the small cut-scene where the witch goes into the right-most portal, it prompts me to follow her. Though, whenever I press up on the portal, nothing happens and I get this message in green text.

    I want to turn in the quest, whatever that is... but there's just one problem. Kayla is missing. She doesn't appear for me in the hallway.
    I've had some similar issues with these flashy new cut-scene quests (i.e. FriendStory), where there was a resolution issue. I thought maybe this was the case and placed my resolution on max setting (even though I have to play it in window mode, despite having a 16:10 aspect ratio), but to no avail, and that's yet another issue I can't fathom. Why is it if my real global resolution is 1680x1050 (which is 16:10), I can't access full screen at 1366x768 at a 16:9 ratio?

    I've tried changing channels, logging out and back in—nothing works.

    I'm hoping anyone can help!

    Images of problem

  2. Default Re: White Heaven: Kayla NPC Missing

    In short: It's most likely because the event was extended and the NPC 'life' (or duration) wasn't.

  3. Default Re: White Heaven: Kayla NPC Missing

    Ah, thanks! I did not come across that; good to know. I wonder how probable it is that they will fix it in time.



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