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    Default Scholarly 'Shroom's quests

    The newest batch is incredibly tedious: collecting lots of items.

    The worst by far is the ribbon pig one, which requires you to collect 100 red and 100 blue ribbons in a special map with horrible spawn of both. (To get an idea of how horrible: it takes 10 minutes on a Kanna with Big Spider familiar and a looting pet).
    The ribbons are not the same as you can get from pigs out in the world, so you have to get them in this map.
    However, they are tradeable. So, I intend to farm them on my Kanna for all my characters.
    Warning: when you turn in the quest, the 'Shroom takes all the ribbons in your inventory. So put the spares away before talking to him.

    Then there's the daily quest, which is collecting 50 of each color ribbon, in the same horrible map. The reward is just 5 coins. (Kind of ridiculous how the dailies' rewards is in inverse proportion to how much time they consume).
    These are not the same ribbons, even though they seem identical.
    So, I'm going to have to farm enough of those on Kanna for other chars' dailies, too.


  2. Default Re: Scholarly 'Shroom's quests

    Yeah, the spawn rate was absolutely atrocious when I started the ribbon pig story (and assuming after SC too) that I left after 10 ribbons in hope that the actual ribbon pigs drop the same item. aaand nope they're a completely new item.

    I honestly don't think I'll bother with the daily. It's too bothersome, I can probably farm 500 leaves quicker than finding 50 of each ribbon.

  3. Default Re: Scholarly 'Shroom's quests

    Good thing I didn't plan on doing the daily 50 ribbon quest.



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