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  1. Default Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

    Producer of all the "Metroidvania" Castlevania games (or as he apparently calls them, Igavania), Koji Igarashi, has started a new project on Kickstarter.

    It's basically a spiritual successor of the Metroidvania games, after leaving Konami in 2014. The link to the kickstarter is below.

    I'll be honest. My biggest problem with Konami is that they stopped making these types of games when they rebooted Castlevania for (what I feel is) no reason, and abandoned one of the best genres around. I guess Igarashi felt the same way. Even after the fiasco that is Mighty Number 9, I can't help but support this considering my love for Metroidvania type games.

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    Default Re: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

    Why Mighty number 9 is a fiasco?

    Also i love Igavanias, so one more in this world isn't a bad thing for me.

    Edit: Only thing i don't like is the hidden boss in the Physical copy of the game :/

  3. Default Re: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

    That whole thing with Gamersgate, MN9, and people charge-backing and pomegranate.

    Plus the fact that I haven't seen a single game I've ever Kickstarted release anywhere near the date that they predicted, and then almost never tell the backers that they're falling behind until a month or two after the date. Only one game I've Kickstarted has released, and I've backed like seven or eight. Most of them haven't had an update in at least two months.



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