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  1. Default My great Return!! Sorta

    So I don't know if anybody will remember me on here but after seemingly like a year and a half hiatus I'm back to this forum, possibly back to maple although still debating that idea.

    Would anybody care to update me as I've avoided this game like the plague since about february 2013

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    My memory is very shoddy timewise so I forgot what was even happening around feb2013


    -more content
    -50m damage cap
    -certain boss attacks deal a % of your hp as damage (can 1hko) and you're expected to avoid them
    -endgame content is even harder to reach than before

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    Default Re: My great Return!! Sorta

    If anything, many of the users as of the moment are ready to play other games, as other upcoming games are being released . since you say February 2013,

    after AB, Kanna and Hayato, Xenon and Demon Avenger release, Cygnus revamp(now considered normal class with 250 level cap and new skills), Zero and Beast Tamer, and then a bunch of minor story lines, quirky areas and the rest of the cygnus revamps. As teh game hemmoraged overtime, nexon tried to make it right by decreasing crappy lines on potentials and a bunch of stuff to make maple "better" but at that point it was already too late for that. Most of its community has already left for other games as there is nothing that can really fix maplestory at its current state because top end content is too hard for the masses to get to, and there's no one to keep the masses playing as more and more players drop like flies due to lack of content and game availability due to damage disparity and the terrible market

    basically people are waiting on different games,

    1) Global release of Dungeon Fighter Online, being published by the game devs themselves(no longer under nexons control, who bombed one of the best selling F2P games in the world)
    2) MS2, the game loosely tied to MS of course is going to be popular. its western release isn't going to happen for a long while though
    3) Tree of Savior, a spiritual sucessor to early 2000's Ragnarok Online with a ridiculous class tree size
    4) Blade and Soul, Popular MMO that is suposedly soon going to get a western release(before end of 2014 is the speculated date given)

    then there are the other games that are gaining interest such as GW2: Heart of Thorns expansion, Black Desert and other titles some may be waiting for

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    To continue on what has been said above, Dungeon Fighter Online IS back at the moment! We have a pretty big southperry guild there if you're interested in trying it out!

    And yeah, no real reason for going back to maple right now. Only people still playing it are those who've invested too much time/money to let it go. I had trouble with that too

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    Very interesting and thank you to all of you, I may try out dungeon fighter, I've never actually played it since it was first out. if I do join up on there then I'll definitely be looking for the southperry guild



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