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    emblem =/= badge tho

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    With all due respect, and I really don't want to be that guy because I feel what you're doing is admirable, but considering the population of Maplestory Southperry generally seems to adhere to, this may not be the site to upload such... dare I say, basic tutorial videos. The badge has been released for quite some time now and most of us obtained it immediately after release. Newer players don't often come around here either, considering Maple's recent exclusion of Southperry as an official fan site.

    That being said, I obviously don't enforce anything here and can't simply tell you to stop, especially because it is a helpful video. I'm just trying to say that if you're looking for views and a subscriber base, this may not be the place to do it.

    If you're looking for critique regarding the video quality rather than the content, I think it's pretty good. It's succinct and you do show where to go and how to go, and for a tutorial video, does its purpose properly.

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    At least you're not calling it a medal.

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    Yeah sorry guys, I mainly make guides for my youtube channel to help other players rather than posting bossing vids and personal stuff etc,. I post, not with the intent of advertising my channel, but to help people, because there is no point of making a guide if people don't see it. That being said I can see why people would think I am just posting to improve views.

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    its just that this site in general is small, that most of the members here know each other, and are well informed in advance(since this is the English oriented extraction site). Think of it this way. Many users for instance look at guides, or read blogs(e.g Spadow's, Max's) when pertaining to future content translated in English. For this site in particular, both relatively regular users are users who discuss content as the average awareness knowledge for content is much higher than other maple fansites, to the point where we lost our "official" fansite status because of a certain event. Coincidentally, many of the Nexon PR people who DO come in contact with southperry has historically either been fired or quit shortly after spending time with us. We know enough about maple and "Nexon" that the site is looked down upon by nexon.

    (its also evident with the users who posted here so far. ALL of the posts here are from users who are level 200+, the "0.11%" that nexon posts)



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