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  1. Electron Male
    IGN: xUndine
    Server: Demethos
    Level: 212
    Job: Demon Avenger
    Guild: NeoAura
    Alliance: Aura

    Question Abnormal Status Duration -2 Seconds

    If i get a nebulite for abnormal status duration - 2 seconds and a line or 2 of it in unique or epic potential, will they stack to give me 4 or 6 seconds? I want to get 6 seconds on my top so I can be immune to the shorter duration statuses that I am not allowed to resist despite having over 100% status resistance. But if it doesn't stack . . . then i'd be looking to try multiple lines of invincibility after hit . . .which I am also unsure of whether or not those lines stack . . .

  2. Default Re: Abnormal Status Duration -2 Seconds

    I believe there were some that stacked, some that didnt, and some that overall just simply didn't even work. I think it was @ShinkuDragon; That tested a few of these out? (Sorry if I'm completely off lol)

  3. Default Re: Abnormal Status Duration -2 Seconds

    They stack, tested it a long time back. Shouldn't have changed

  4. Donator Straight Male
    IGN: ShinkuDragon HoukaPhoenix BoshokuRaven
    Server: Scania
    Level: 152
    Job: Batman
    Guild: IDissOrtis

    Default Re: Abnormal Status Duration -2 Seconds

    the last time i played (2 or 3 months ago?) invincibility still stacked.



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